Zeitgeist Movement and Esoteric Truth Revealed with Peter Joseph

The Zeitgeist Movement’s Peter Joseph shares the truth about economics, society, and the social orders implemented to undermine the true value of life on Earth, in this uncensored interview on Buzzsaw. How globalization, exploitation, and social philosophy are manipulated to perpetuate a ruling class, and the programming done to make mankind forget what is truly necessary in life is all revealed in this discussion hosted by Sean Stone.

Peter Joseph is the filmmaker behind the Zeitgeist film series, and the Zeitgeist Movement.

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00:01 Welcoming Peter Joseph to Buzzsaw.
00:33 The nature of Zeitgeist, and Peter Joseph’s evolution towards catharsis.
07:00 Deconstructing the tangled roots of society to find reality.
11:14 Hidden knowledge revealed in the new Alexandria, and the true heart of society.
18:00 The corporate hierarchy of public schools, and zero-sum society.
22:25 Globalization and the expansion of a cancerous structural ethic–Malthusian theory.
28:40 More and more with less and less–philosophical reality in opposition to economic practices.
33:40 Roots of poverty and crime, and the future resource wars.
36:50 Zeitgeist movement actions, and the capitalist distinction.
42:37 Ideas and ownership.
43:!2 Following the Zeitgeist Movement online.
44:02 Thanks and goodbye.


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  • Red Thread

    Is this just going to be a retailing of everything we know? Where is the
    new content, where is culture in decline season 2, where is the new trilogy
    of films that was supposed to come out in late 2015? It would be very
    unfortunate if Peter spends the rest of the his energy and talent going
    over the same things we’ve known for years now.

  • James Blake

    My God the Host is doing more talking then Peter, dude shut up I don’t want
    to hear what some random hipster has to say.

  • Andreas Christian-Murray

    Thank you both. The elephant in the room is that we really have to get out
    of this ancient wheel of oppression on all levels. We need a totally new
    system to get out from under.

  • Rodriguez Diaz

    As far as energy any serious look at Thorium Engines reveals both NASA &
    our nuclear energy technology is be a scam.

  • Jay Hansen

    Peter joseph is logical and straightforward, he sees what is and expresses
    it well and honestly. What is a wonder to me is that this is unique. I
    appreciate his being. What the fuck is going on in this world that that is
    unique. I don’t find this in my daily life, although I work construction,
    so what the hell.

  • Mrs D

    To anyone younger than 50, this is Gramma D urging you to keep this, and
    the idea of a Resource Based Economy, alive by continuing to educate
    yourself and others as to the actual possibility of a new way of living.
    Warm Regards, Gramma D :)

  • Dive Dodge

    I hope future generations are lucky enouph to be able to look back on the
    20th and hopefully just the first half of the 21st century and gawk at just
    how sick, vile, depraved and broken our society was. And make a decisions
    in a collective wisdom to never repeat that lunacy. We are so fucked up
    right now and the vast majority of people have no idea.

  • Kiwihouse2005 B.

    Interestingly you gave no acknowledgement to Jacque Fresco and Resource
    Based Economics. The Venus Project was correct in cutting ties with you
    Peter Joseph! By the way i managed to pick up your zeigeist triology from a
    major electronic/dvd chain here in Germany.

  • Dexter Williams

    “If you search for anything to validate your beliefe, you will find it
    because the internet is anything and everything all at once” – Peter Joseph

  • Cosmic Kitten

    Sometimes information overload melts my brain, I pulled up Zeitgeist and
    watched 1.5 minutes of it and shut it off, information overload, for the
    next 3 weeks I’ll dream about that poor baby who’s mother was killed and
    the little 3 year old screaming. I hate war, the cruelty to each other. It
    crushes me. I’m over 50 years old and still no solution.

  • Alex Knight

    no to mini n micky meeting at Walgreens. let’s just call it love scene i
    have bad memories of watsonville ego toy cops harnessing me last Christmas
    Walgreens parking lot.Seriously

  • Alex Knight

    don’t worry i still have black list with Rancho Cucamonga, Claremont in los
    Angela’s security and the best of all all of florida u are under arrest. ur
    going to Dena camps tobe reformed

  • Joseph Alexander

    Peter Joseph used the research of Achayra S, and Dupruis and other atheists
    who assumed that major theme of ancient mythic religions was worship of the
    sun. None of this research can be verified, as most of the ancient pagan
    gods promised salvation of the soul, based on the philosophy of
    reincarnation. The Greeks, Egyptians, and Hindus and Persians all believed
    in the immortal soul, which was reflected in their myths and mystery
    religions. Any one who spends a little time and reads the original
    narratives will find these gods- Dionysus, Osiris- Horus, Krishna and
    Mithras offered their worshipers salvation – not knowledge of the sun. In
    any case, his perception of humanity is mistaken by not acknowledging that
    humanity has spiritual desires to know oneself. Though I agree with his
    basic economic beliefs, nothing will change without a deeper understanding
    of humanities purpose.

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