A Not-So-Funny Comedy About Internet Drama


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  • Hoyt Plunkett Jr

    Marty, thank you for bringing forth the septenary cipher – it unlocks many things. Hint: pair it with letters from the Greek alphabet. You’ll see the signature of Q. Elizabeth (current) is a cryptogram which spells “Gilgamesh” and also it will allow you to solve the Zodiac killer’s “my name is” cipher as well as the two line cipher (both unsolved for 57 years; lol) which is known as the “bomb map cipher” or “Z32″…. I’ve been banned from everywhere (including 4chan!) for posting the solutions. The “Z32” cipher is multi-layer, showing several messages, but most impressively, it names one of his victims by first and last name using only four characters. I’ll probably be shut down for posting this, but am testing the waters because I am not going to include the solutions here.

  • Becausethedaysareevil

    This is exactly why I just disconnected to most of this nonsense. We are all being used. Trust in the Lord and everything will be okay.

  • Psyche Goddess of Light

    There’s nothing the forces of darkness would love more than for all of us seeking answers to greater truths to become hopelessly entangled with bullshit distractions and in-fighting. If we know the divide and conquer game that’s being played on us, how do we keep falling into the same traps over and over again??

    By the way, the earth isn’t shaped like a globe nor is it flat. This gets into multidimensionality and the human capacity for decoding anything beyond the 3D. Quantum mechanics and observer consciousness. Accepting there may not be a verifiable “objective reality” answer to this question is the next step out of a limiting thought box. (Or falling deeper into the infinite rabbit hole?)

    When we think we know the absolute truth, that’s when it’s time to check ourselves. God cannot be outwitted by anything or anyone, and even “Satan”/the Demiurge cannot be outwitted by human beings…and we are stuck in his labyrinthine spiderweb (for now).

    Love your work, thanks for the laugh! 🦋

  • Niels Onclinx

    Great content. Souls like yours will be rewarded in the afterlife, or perhaps even this life. Thanks for the many teachings (your other videos) and bless you.

  • Robert Olivan

    Marty, I freakin love your stuff! This was absolutely hilarious…
    Can’t wait to hear the rest. 6:39 is just not enough!
    I love the impersonations!

  • ButIDontWantaGooglePlusPage

    Holy crap…I’ve been so despondent having watched all that drama unfold realizing I’ve wasted 5% of my total life energy on it and then BOOM … you supply the punch line ! Now in retrospect, it was so worth it in the end 😉 Thanks !

  • Fkn Freddy

    Marty seems like there may be a distraction going on here…..oh ya this is you tube. As humanity wakes up to the fact that we are being lied to from all msm sources( governments )and we look for alternative news some of us end up here. We then fall into the AJ or TYT’s honey traps and we think “ya now im getting truth” but wait for it….bam we are still getting lied to. So we start looking for other souces of info again, alt right anyone? Nope thats fearporn all the way, whats next hmm. The search continues as we hope to find non bias news and info, you’ll go to even smaller channels hoping to hit truth, guess what people, even tiny channels on you tube have agendas! This platform was taken over many years ago and will continue to be just as bad as every other source of information that you find, that said it’s up to us all to look closely at what we are getting from anyone thats telling us about the world that we are in. Reason and research are what we all need to do in this age of disinformation, trust your oun instincts, make informed decisions, don’t automatically buy into what you hear people! We can make a positive change to the world around us if we all get informed and get active in our journey towards truth. Peace and love to all, especially the wayseers 🙂

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