An Update on The Wotan Network – Wolf Age

Stephen McNallen gives an update about the Wotan Network.

Wolf Age is a collaboration between Stephen McNallen and Red Ice.

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About The Author


  • Saxon Pride

    Watch out everybody YouTube is conducting a major crackdown on pro white channels. Murdoch Murdoch has been shut down. Anything “right of center” is subjected to this.

  • annihilationHaven

    I’m thinking of starting a political party in Canada now. On the platform of closing the borders completely to immigration and re-organizing the country into about 400 sub-states, to segregate us according to those we wish to associated with. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad idea to work within the system – a lot of changes need to be made, the problems run extremely deep. I wonder how many people would choose to live in a state with every race in the world, when they could have the choice to live with their own.

  • Literally Pepe

    The Unifying feature of Europe is WHITE SKIN. Everyone can see it, you don’t need to learn about foreign Gods, you don’t need to know history. Drop the fear of being called racist and just say fuck everyone who isn’t white European, go home and fuck your own countries upon or make them better, we don’t care, just go!

  • Ole Pedersen

    I am a Christian and I am happy to work with pagans like Stephen McNallen. We have no time and resources for any in-fight.

  • Susana Garcia

    This gives me chills… Yes, it has to be a spiritual, metaphysical as well as political movement to give us inspiration and passion. I hope we White People will find our way through this multicultural madness (better said: Islamic invasion) and reclame that which is ours: our land and countries, and our right to be respected and survive as individuals, as a race and as a civilization.

  • Bob von Bobowitz Bobovskiy Bobson

    I’m actually curious as to how many Christian European nationalists have actually read the Bible, or whether they just like to be part of the Deus Vult, Ave Maria meme.

  • Insanity's Puppet Master

    When people hear, ‘ followers of a “pre-Christian faith,”‘ I’m willing to bet the vast majority will write this off immediately. Firstly, we Germanic people are intelligent, and that said in quotes comes across as a way of saying a stronger, or “more true” god than the Christian God, which isn’t even possible. We don’t need to turn to a false god to save us. In fact, the attempt to do that would turn the One true God against our movement because invoking anything other than our Lord, Jesus Christ would be idolatry. Brothers, I pray that the Holy Spirit enter into our movement, and strengthen and protect us in this spiritual battle. I thank You, Father, for giving our cause your anointing, enabling us to have discerning hearts and minds so that we are always aware of Your will for us and give our leaders clear vision of Your will along with the zeal, strength and provision to accomplish it. I pray no harm come to anyone, and for this, please Lord, let history show us that separation and national identities be the only possible way for this to occur. Please make our enemies stumble in their attempts to flood our fatherland with people who have their own homeland, and cause them to return to their home. In fact, I pray that those trying to seek “refuge” here, flourish in their homelands, so they have no need to come here. May they be happy there and we be happy here. Father God, in Jesus name I thank you for this, amen.

  • Simply Cleva

    This network is just another way to promote hate for non-Whites.
    “The future of our ppl is not negotiable”
    Of course it’s not, but you can easily negotiate about the future of non-Whites and mixed individuals, oh what a world it would be without them, right, you old Nazi bastard? That’s all White ppl were about for millenia. Get rid of everybody and have the planet just for themselves. All White ppl know and can do is, you guessed it: Hate. Hate for everything and everybody that isn’t them.

  • Laughing Tree

    I love paganism but I fear the old gods no longer have the power to unite Europe, we need a new spiritual awakening and in order to convert the normies we have to make our case, our rejection of globalism needs to be universal, we sould be reaching out to allies all over the world, we need to adress the white ethnic cleansing plans in south africa, we need to speak up about the oppression of whites in africa and allow real European refugies to come back to there homeland.

    africans are oppressed by globalism as well, they are being cucked by the chinese and many take to the streets to protest, when some normie calls you a racist or a fascist, adress that issue, they will most likely never have heared of it and you will look like the rational intelligent human being, the normie looks like an uneducated barbarian.

    we need to use our enemies tactics agenst them, don”t allow them the moral highground.

    we will endure and we will survive and in the end we will thrive.

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