Volcanoes, Lava, Earthquakes…Oh My! Hawaiian Adventure Update


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  • RL Agito

    hipsters living on a volcanic series of islands. thats what they get. theyre too cool to live on a continent. …i notice God doesnt micro manage anything on this earth it seems. everything is just left to run on auto. whats the point of this lava popping up and destroying a bunch of houses? lol there isnt. they just happen to be in the way of the automated system of land creation. same when insane natural disasters take place in other places. God doesnt seem to care about the natural systems kicking our ass. why do deserts exist? theyre kind of useless to us. or mountains, we cant live on them or farm on them. and then God puts these massive oceans to block continents lol including any continents beyond antarctica. God likes to watch us struggle and see us overcome or even die from all these natural threats. or He has better things to do lol God: want to test 2000 nuclear bombs and cause deformations of who knows how many? go ahead. want to build a nuclear power plant at a fault line? sure. i won’t stop any of your destructive ideas on yourselves or others. or that you extinct some species or mass murder each other in droves.

  • Flowergirl2012

    WTF are you talking about Now I know why people say you are an idiot BECAUSE YOU ARE! For fuck sake WAKE THE FUCK UP. I clicked on this because I am trying to find out what is happening with the volcano, but instead I get you bitching about the “FAR RIGHT” and how they aren’t talking about what the fuck YOU think they should be talking about OMG what a ego you have.


    Aloha brother. We call Hawai’i our home as we raised our children there on Kona side. I am planning on going next week, Father willing. My oldest son stays in Kona as wel. It would be great if we could all come together who are on The Big Island, to provide a humanitarian drive for the locals. Kohala is beautiful. Hope to see you and your wife soon. Let us be Fishers of Men, for the Harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Love in Christ, Yahushua sister poli

  • Not Round

    ODD is a GREAT truther! Nice video. Just found your channel yesterday. Hopefully you can get back into your house soon.

  • Debbra Hill-Frank

    Wow !! You two sure got a big hot Welcome to Hawaii. ; )
    Glad to see you both are all fine.
    Gods blessings to you both.
    When you get settled —— Looking forward to more Gematria/Pi and possibly Phi vids.
    Peace -1Truthseeriam

  • TheMary153

    wowzer! you know when I saw this whole thing going off in Hawaii .. I thought of you both! ..glad you are ok..

  • jesse james

    I think Gods trying to tell you somethin’ Marty………
    that is how he works…glad your safe bro..

  • Jerry Rogers

    YES ALL those SEEKING KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of the greatest deception Will be revealed TO All that want to SEE THE TRUTH!

  • Delia Endicott Montgomery

    Big Mahalo for your video. FYI, the owners of Pele’s Restaurant in Pahoa Town had to evacuate their Leilani home too.

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