Relationship Coaching:

One of the most important relationships that a child can experience is the relationship with their parents. The impact that the parent/child relationship can have on the psychological, emotional, and intellectual development of the child cannot be understated. It is the relationship between parent and child that establishes the framework by which a child perceives their own human worth and human value. When the relationship between parent and child is unhealthy the child will experience various levels of suffering. This suffering, or trauma, can have a long standing impact on the child. It is the parents primary responsibility to ensure that the quality of the relationship that they have with their child is healthy. For those of us who had difficult relationships with our parents it becomes necessary for us to engage in a healing process that will ultimately set us on course to living empowered and happy lives.


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  • Flower Child

    Hey Lenon are you going to make a little pathway in the garden? That way ya’ll minimize soil compaction when you plant and harvest. ✌&?

  • Brandon Carter

    Thank you another great video. I used to get teased by my older sisters because I have long eyelashes. They used to say I look like a girl. I used to as a kid cut my eyelashes off.

  • Great Work

    I believe that the root of the abusive behavior you’re delineating is deep pain, fear and remorse felt by the perpetrator. If they can pass on their bad feelings to another then it lessens their pain.

  • Ain'tIawoman?? NODOUBT

    I come from generations of dysfunction including all kinds of abuse along with alcohol and drug abuse. I myself didn’t grow up with it but my mother did her whole childhood and early adulthood. I myself was an abusive parent but didn’t know it and I used to wonder why I was that way. I learned that behaviors, attitudes and thought patterns our parents had can most definitely be passed on to us. My mother had a very poor self image and self esteem which she passed on to me. I’m heartbroken about the way I treated others and my family. I yearn for the healing process I need and hopefully redemption by Jesus Christ. Great video and it helped she some light on my relationship with my parents and children. Thank you ❤❤

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