Are The Leaked Britam Defence Emails Fake?

Are the Britam Defence emails fake? Let’s take a look at some of the evidence.
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  • Ben Dubs

    ‘Lies are a disease. Truth is the cure.’ –Anthony Douglas Williams. For
    the most clear, complete, and accurate explanation of the ultimate truth to
    date, go to truthcontest,com and open ‘The Present.’

  • rifraf20121

    This is actually a good point. One can purposely alter even the
    installation date of an operating system. I did this once, on accident, but
    was unable to update the OS itself because of it – but I could still
    utilize it.

  • Nikkolo Makaveli

    Of course I agree with that i am a sovereign person but i wouldn’t say that
    I missed the point. More people working together in a more positive
    direction can only lead to positive results as long as people understand
    what’s going on and formulate their own individual opinon. Like SCC said we
    need leaders not rulers. Leaders stand in front of the people and guide.
    Rulers stand above and command. I understand your comment thanks for your
    concern .?

  • Brice Rolly

    That the clock ‘ran off’ does not solve the ‘problem’ of the coincidence in
    day’s second of the two mails. Wether the clock ran off or no, there is
    still vanishingly possibility that both emails were physically sent at the
    same second. Moreso if we take the assumption that the emails are real,
    i.e. sent by a real person that clicked on a button (yeah he could have
    synced the sending… but, precisely, why would he have synched precisely
    those two emails ??). This is suspicious at the very least

  • Der Alderkonig

    I understand that most of the fanbase here like conspiracy, but it’s
    shameful to see so many people beating a dead horse. StormClodsGathering is
    proving itself to me as being a credible source BECAUSE it searched for
    proof that something that would support it’s cause was falsified. You can’t
    get more honest that that, can you? Screw the Emails, the way they were
    written never sat well with me in the first place (Seemed too corny)
    There’s so much more evidence out there that isn’t falsified. 

  • Agent Ice

    Finally found videos that show everything I’ve known for years except I
    thought no one else could figured it out. This guy is a genius, a clever
    genius like me. ]

  • boohoo17

    …u gotta sift thru it all frm both sides before u discern a pattern to
    decide upon.i believe these emails r real.sure thse issues r happening yet
    u stop at issues w sensationalism & go no obvious
    Freemasonry/NWO etc.ive unsubscribed concluding tht youre jst a mouthpiece
    of theirs.folks read ERIC J PHELPS Vatican assassin fr what ths guy isnt

  • Gary Clouse

    If I were to attempt to fake such emails, I would automate that process.
    Using a matrix of every variable which can contain information to be
    transmitted along with the email, I would make sure those were handled
    according to rules set ahead of time. Rules such as NO two emails may
    contain the same hours, min and sec as these two do. This is just an
    opinion but this situation seems to speak of handling these emails
    (fortunately) in a manual way and not devoting enough time to the
    preliminary mistake proofing which is the centerpiece of information

  • Ziland Sirus

    Hmm, you forgot to consider that they might keep their internal servers
    from auto updating their times to prevent corruption of the kept data’s
    time indexes and instead keep track of the offset time through some other
    means. This would mean the mails were sent at precisely midnight server
    time, but that as they’re being sent, the time is modified by the external
    servers responsible for sending mails, and that that server IS being kept
    at real world times as opposed to the internal servers. This would HAVE to
    be valid practices for any large enough organisations, at least as far as I
    can figure, not that I have any experience in this whatsoever though, it
    just makes sense to me.

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