The Blunt Truth about The Trayvon Martin Case

Let’s take a step back from this Jerry Springer circus side show and put the Trayvon Martin Case into perspective.
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  • T- Trillest

    This breaks my heart so much what happened to Trayvon?an innocent
    beautiful soul taken so young just because he’s black. This world is so
    fucked up that I can not even understand how the white mind works. I’m
    white but I don’t get it like am I the only one who sees were all equal.
    And yet fucking rotten pigs have the nerve to say he deserved it,he was a
    thug. He was not a thug for your information, he was innocent and his life
    got taken away for no reason how is that fair? So young too. And what
    George walks free? It is true all you police and ykw I hope you read this
    you white cops are fucked up how are you even a cop when u take the life of
    an innocent black person. The cops are the bad ones. George deserves to
    die, he deserves to not just die but suffer before to suffer so bad. How
    dare he do this, and how dare all you white people discriminate blacks.
    We’re all equal, you want me to say it again…..WERE ALL EQUAL. Oh I think
    I should say it another time until you understand…smh

  • Sam m

    The message in this video is very good and could be shown to people during
    a number of things outside of the Trayvon Martin context.

  • Sam m

    I was travelling when this case was happening and as i was travelling the
    countries i was in had American news channels on the hotel tv’s. This was
    literally all over tv and i noticed all the American news channels do is
    talk about race… Black – White. I know the UK news is terrible too but it
    doesnt seem to try and divide blacks and whites like the american news. Its
    ridiculous how often i heard peoples colours being talked about. If they
    stopped talking about it there wouldnt be such divide. Or if people wake up

  • YManCyberDude

    Young not so smart thug jumps & tries to kill the wrong guy because said
    guy had a gun & used it to defend his life… Justice got served hot on the
    spot as well as later in the unnecessarily long drawn out courtroom … Get
    over it just like I’ll get over the fact that this video really has very
    very little to do with the falsified #ClickBait title…

  • Jose Duran

    This is not about race, is about a young guy that never grow up, in olden
    times you did what he did , he would been shamed for being a loser, thug
    and criminal wanna be. The tragedy for the family is the real hurt here, in
    olden times, you act like an idiot you died, in olden times, a lion eat
    you, the other tribe would have whacked you, but now you get shot for
    parlaying your size upon smaller , weaker guy into a fight that he can’t
    win, because those are the odds you like, but it didn’t work, the small guy
    got a gun and shoot your ass dead!,

  • Matt Sweat

    Comments section apparently is meant to ignore the message of the video and
    as another forum for debate. Good video, and good points.

  • Drexxler 1

    This same division is still occurring today. The one thing they do not want
    the US people uniting for a single cause; because they know they wouldn’t
    exist for much longer.

  • Anna

    the truth is , even if ordinary people cared about all these government
    frauds, what can they do? Truth is coming out now , we are in the
    “information age” , that’s all good, we almost all know these , but so
    what?is too late to go back now, ball is already rolling downhill.

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