The Snowden Case What You’re Not Being Told

When the mainstream media shows you something with their right hand, watch what the left hand is doing.
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Cheney calls Snowden a traitor… ah the irony:

Snowden is on the run seeking asylum in Ecuador:

Information regarding NSA domestic spying dating back to 2005:

These are just a fraction of the articles available.

A more revealing leak:

U.N. Launches an investigation:

U.N. says the gas was used by the rebels:

Then France claims rebels used Sarin:

The U.S. gov. likes version angle, so they’ll run with it. CIA to arm and train the rebels:

Iran sending troops to Syria:

China warns against use of force in Syria and Iran:
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  • Nate L

    there is a 4th. he is a gate keeper. never mentions anything about isreal.
    you think he “risked”his life to tell us the nsa is spying on the world?
    what a joke.

  • IzunaDestruction

    You’ve found easily a lot of NSA results on Google because Snowden is just
    THE LAST in a long list of NSA whistleblowers, like Drake, Binney and Tice.
    He’s the most famous because 1)Everybody has internet at the hand today.
    Instant and wide spreading information. 2)Snowden actually came out with
    tons of documents. Previous whistleblowers just had the testimony of their
    own personal experience, so they had been easily discredited. Snowden has
    solid proofs.
    Also, of course people like Cheney hate him, since it’s pretty obvious from
    his personal career history that he’s behind all of this, and it has been
    recently confirmed by Russ Tice. Some say Cheney commands a sort of “fourth
    branch” in the government where all this shady intelligence practices take

  • Rosanna Miller

    I agree with you on who the real traitors are. I see Snowden as being
    courageous in his choice in standing up against them. Everyone should be so

  • Dondald Trumppp

    We will never know all the secrets of the earth. The government is hiding
    it. They are distracting us with decoys. Snowden is a great man. I believe
    more men like him can make the world a better place. People should follow
    in his footsteps before the USA starts a nuclear war with another country.
    In the US constitution, it says everyone in power/ is a high ranking
    government official will be wiped from power every year so the country
    would be fair. This world is not fair. In the not so near future I believe
    the illuminati will take over. They will start the new world just like when
    America was first discovered and restart. Sorry if this comment wasted your
    time, it’s just my opinion of this world.

  • C. Galindo

    the bottom line Snowden SHOULD be turned loose he didn’t do anything that
    wasn’t already out there. it’s the big fish you want to go after wasn’t he
    locked up to shut him up? too late for that

  • Raven Hoodcat

    Sorry I don’t believe any of it. I don’t even believe Snowden is a real
    person. Since when do contractors have unsupervised access to a maximum
    data security center. Then just waltz out with the keys to the kingdom.

  • Kevin Buford

    Despite what is believed, the fact remains that there is someone in the
    whitehouse that is a treasonous bastard. He stands with Iran and is part of
    the Muslim brotherhood. Huma abedin has family that is directly linked to
    terrorism. I have never seen anything like this in my life. The fact that
    they are walking around free and able is totally wrong while other people
    in this country are going to prison for far less crimes. Where is the
    Justice? I’m sorry. But this is what this country has come to. I’m sick of
    it all

  • James Staples V

    In the 90’s the clinton admin went to congress for permission for the FBI
    Louis Frei to without warrent tapp 500THOUSAND phone PER DAY and about 6
    month later they were able to come back to increase the number of phone by
    another 500THOUSAND.. Ant it was discussed on NPR- but none of the other
    “news” agencies reported it and it was not in the newspapers. How the NSA
    needed this to be classified is ludicrous– Once a Government has to
    penalise people for EXPOSING THE POPULOUS SUBVERSIVE C R I M E S – that
    government has deep need for being halted and brought to the light of day
    an the entire populous and a open democracy installed. anything less is
    true tyrrany and simple captivity. And any and all Politicians and there
    backers should be tried and not immune from the same “san quentin hell”
    they subject the non elites are subjected to. NO PRESIDENTIAL PARDONS. Like
    the Spartans, each pres and crew should be tried after each term and
    punished accordingly. When it come to illegal wars they foist upon the
    people- they should be sentanced to banishment to the countries they war ‘d

  • Elizabeth Cartner

    Thank God for Snowden & all those that reveal the deception of the
    Government to those of us who do not go searching for these stories.

  • Mufasa Greatone

    what makes you think that your “source” Google is not telling you lies?
    That’s like seeing it on Facebook and claiming it’s true. tsss

  • valorean

    good job you didn’t tell me anything about Snowden but tried to distract me
    with a WW3 threat. are you sure you don’t work for Fox News? Great ‘snow
    job’ btw

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