The Terrifying Future of The United States

If this doesn’t wake you up, I don’t know what will.
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NDAA 2013 passes with indefinite detention still intact

The Patriot Act

Obama extends Patriot Act:

Widespread abuse of patriot act:

Obama tries to hide information regarding rape and sexual abuse in Abu Ghraib:

Obama’s kill list:

FBI finalizing its NGI Biometrics Database:

Biometrics at departures:

People placed on no-fly list for political reasons:

Drones used to hunt Dorner:

Dorner fire set intentionally:
The police finally admit it:

Leaked Document: Government setting up military detention centers for Activists:

FBI Murdered Todashev execution style:

Senator Coburn points out the DHS “zombie” training exercise as wasteful:

But if you actually watch it it’s much more disturbing:

Yes this really happened (details about the exercise):

Police admit Dorner fire was set on purpose:

DHS buying billions of bullets (links to some of the purchase orders):
450 million rounds purchased by DHS earlier this year:

Purchase order for additional 750 million rounds of ammunition

DHS buys even more bullets:

Iris scanning from a distance:

Biometrics checks at border… Already in place for immigrants entering, now to be added for exits.


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  • atwaterpub

    When you walk through Airports, or other public spaces, be sure to do a
    silly walk (aka Monty Python), goofy walk, or move with irregular
    unpredictable rhythms. They are already working on your file. They have
    already recorded your data. Mix it up.

  • Traffic Lights Are Racist And Mysogynistic

    Due to the convenient anonymity of your claims, you need to show your
    face.. you need to honestly adress your viewers. we are skeptical people.
    what you say is alarming.
    for me, i would like to be spoken to in a real manner, without effective
    edtitng techniques.

  • TheJess Ylleg

    For years now I told my friends and family and neighbors this shit, I am a
    military man but everyone I told this, just looked at me like a crazy
    paranoid guy. I told them that I heard it from high ranking military
    officers. But hey, just keep watching football, honey boo boo, Kardashians,
    or fox news and keep thinking that a dark skin men from other lands are the
    ones that will hurt you. Lol OK zombies all together let’s sing “… The
    land of the freeeeeeee, and the home of the braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvve” sniff
    sniff tears in my eyes with a tinny shitty flag waving

  • Arrowhead

    I remember being out in the woods and hearing about the boston bombing the
    day it happened. Not that it mattered to me in rural NC, I still grabbed my
    rifle and E-Tool and dug in. I was only 3 years old when 9/11 happened.
    Crazy to see the world on edge all the time now. Thanks, 24/7 news cycle.
    Youve successfully made a nation paranoid

  • Josh Link

    Awesome video, so fucking true too…. It makes me wonder if the public is
    ăware of what’s in store for us here in America., I’ll tell you what, if I
    had the means, I would be the FUCK outta here, no doubt about that.

  • ozwhistles

    Keep in mind that it is very likely that the final solution has probably
    already been calculated down to the gigaton. The elites have their
    bolt-holes in place.
    Controlled nuclear exchange solves the global dimming rebound problem and
    is quicker than bullets.

  • El Cuz

    The Only way to Defeat the Government and those who Role the World is if
    The Military and the Police go against them I don’t Obey them then they
    will lose there Powers of Oppression and have to Neal to US the Humanity…
    But whats the Odd of the Military and the police going against them if they
    are all mind control and living the Lies thats feed to them am afraid it
    will Never happen we gonna have till live with this till the end of times

  • Barry Osbourn

    Boston was a hoax. A scripted event. So the culprits were in on it and
    probably not killed. Just given new identities and moved somewhere else.
    One of the main purposes was the rollout of the search. To infringe on
    searching peoples houses which is illegal. and create terror and fear. It
    was a kind of exercise. for the future when they can do this stuff for the
    purpose rounding up Americans.


    copy right claim cant repost to my channel please fix so i can help share
    your knowledge….feel free to have a look on mine as well if you need some
    new ideas …. love your work brother ! 1 <3 Namaste

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