The Syrian War What You’re Not Being Told

What’s really going on in Syria? Let’s look at the evidence.
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  • Phill Bradshaw

    Excellent vid – most straight fwd fact fulled version of what’s going on I
    hav seen. The link to “Revolution: An Instruction Manual” is broken – pls
    fix as I would very much like to view it

  • Lisa Davies

    The UK medias coverage of the Syrian war has been shocking. Channel 4 did a
    particularly vile piece, Krishnan Guru Murthy, one of their ‘reporters’
    (propagandists) went to stay with a pack of Obama/Clinton funded ‘rebel’
    groups (terrorists to you and me). The way he nonchalantly had a
    conversation with the leader, about the suicide bomber they’d just sent in
    and the car bomb they used to murder people was incredible! You’d swear
    they were choosing wallpaper! They removed the video from their archive I
    believe, after all the complaints. Another ch4 reporter Cathy Newman,
    started screaming at a woman from Assads govt. in a video link interview. I
    couldn’t believe it! It would never have happened if she’d been
    interviewing Hillary Clinton!

  • Pipo

    Appreciate the effort put in this video ! Could you slow down a little with
    your narrative next time ? The content is rather complex.

  • 1982fah

    I guess the 1k dislikes don’t like to hear the truth and they want to
    complain about Refugees. wtf did Assad ever do? are the Saudis and Isisrael
    so afraid of the so-called Shi’a Crescent so much that they would rather
    have savages, terrorist as neighbors. Put a ban or tell the Saudis,
    Qataris, United Emirates, Israel and watch ISIS Daesh and other terrorist
    group dissolve within a month.

  • Monte Calabrese

    America is cold blooded. Standing Rock Sioux. The Native Americans are
    still being denied human rights and the treaty’s of the United States are
    being broken again. Uncle Sam negotiates a deal like The Godfather. Either
    your brains or your signature will be on the contract. Then if the “deal”
    isn’t advantageous enough later for the red white and blue they just break
    their own agreement and force another one by gun point.

  • Sean Brewer

    It’s all a big freaking joke. Storm clouds has been wrong since the
    beginning. His typical scare tactics. Who gives a shit if Iran is blown off
    the face of the earth. Terrorist attacks would finally stop when they
    realize we will turn their country into a hole in a ground

  • VraŽe PredraŽe

    I am from Serbia ex-Yugoslavia and i no whats western propaganda!! i love
    ordenary american people but govrement…bljak! but Trump is d man!!

  • Rubin Schmidt

    TEE-HEE-DAY … Daily Mirror. Tuesday, April 15th, 2003. “Tony Bliar
    dismissed as a conspiracy theory growing fears that the U.S. might attack
    Syria.” “There are no plans whatever to invade Syria. I suspect this is one
    of those conspiracy theories .” Jack Liar Straw added, “As far as Syria
    being next on the list, we have made it clear that it is not. There is no
    next list .” The liar went on to say. !!!

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