Australia Is Going Cashless! – This Will NOT End Well

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the most recent cashless news out of Australia as the country bans cash payments over $10,000.

The idea is that it will stop money laundering and organized crime. Well, the government is organized crime and they’re enabling them by stopping individuals from not getting their hard earned money stolen.

Australia has slowly been marching into the cashless society. We’ve also seen the attempt to replace Australian passports with facial recognition. This is incredibly dangerous to the wealth and prosperity of so-called free individuals.

As the IMF attempts to map out a global centrally planned cashless society through the SDR, the test grounds are obvious. Australia, India, China and Sweden stand out the most when it comes to the incremental step towards a total global cashless society.

Remember, this is a centrally planned cashless society. The blockchain can be used by the establishment if centralized to control society. It can also be used by the individual if decentralized to overthrow that which controls society. That is incredibly important to point out as far too many confuse centralized with decentralized.

Central planning is extremely beneficial to the global establishment but not at all to the individual who ends up deep in debt. Fiat is centralized and as the establishment gets desperate to push interest rates up to avoid the inevitable negative rates, a cashless society which is centralized and forced by legal tender laws would allow them to bail in bank accounts and cut the risk of a bank run. It would also allow them to track people anywhere and shut down people’s ability to spend money if they wish.

Australia must stand up to this coercive complex rising up under the false guise of “convenience.”

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • donnajo catlady

    Is it a coincidence that many globalist are ALL up in NZ? AUS is so liberal now, anyway. Are the globalists wanting to collapse the economy of the surrounding territory? The Queen??? Yeah, I have a colorful imagination… I’m a writer, what do you expect?! Lol! (bet I’m close, though…)

  • bafew

    Hahaha. laundering money. Bye hillary…and elites.. What they will really do is offer a crypto system(theirs) and close all access for the regular people to the banks.

  • magnus4g63

    Nothing the state does ends well, unless of cause you happen to be a part of that criminal organisation.

  • Admetos' Lab

    This is very important presentation. Thats why you have your LARPs/bots thumbs downing automatically. We are going to shift the tides ending the Ponzis for the people.

  • Laura

    chip means enslavement of people and there is no turning point from that. NWO is coming with cashless society and chip. God help humanity from all these things.

  • HoldStrongHands

    I totally agree with the potential righteous and evil powers of blockchain technology. I have a song that sort of mentions this on my channel if you like rock.

  • RobertMStahl

    Instability is what ALL the BLOAT is about. A New Way to Look at Networking. Without the “Octopus” cited in the explanation, Element Blue, a meme, becomes the bridge to connect an unnatural (to humans) “transform” between data transfer (volume) currently fine, to 5G and beyond, not about data volume, per se, but, energy-is-power. Guns won’t do any good. Trump to meet Xi Jing on H W’s birthday.., 6/12. D-day comes b4 b-day for these clones.

    Is it to talk about upgrading Tencent, moving deeper into infants?

    They built the platform and stole the software by corrupting it, totally, just, to make it absolutely WORTHLESS. Duh. Think of Brien Foerster going to the 2nd level of bedrock.

  • Alien Machine

    Australia got cucked good, their politicians are as corrupt as 3rd world dictators. They gave license to Indian businessman Adani to mine Coal in Australia and he has a record of wrecking the environment, livelihood of local fishermen, farmers in the state of Gujarat in the west of India and has taken a lot of debt and does illegal businesses and breaking all governmental norms.

  • Danibolical 1

    Aussies will freak. The cashless society won’t be able to fuel the crime fed banker money laundering racket, so I guess they want to get rid of all the competition to their monolithic bloodsucking system, and just have the one pipeline of greed.

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