Chinese World Order Rises in Ashes of Iran Deal

China has just opened a new railway link with Iran and CNPC is set to fill the void left by France’s Total if and when they leave the South Pars field. It looks like the US pulling out of the Iran deal is win-win for China and the BRICS world order…and the engineered destruction of the west continues apace.


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  • Qinby 1

    This is not about backbone this is a question if no international law is valid and if that is the case scrap WTO, IMF, UN, HAUGE, NATO all trade agreements well every international agreement and let anarchy reign.
    Trump will be gone in 2 years Europe is not, Europe must follow international law.
    The “The Iran Deal” is a unanimous UN Security Resolution i.e. binding international law.
    US is a permanent member they claim Security Council Resolutions are binding so Europe *CAN NOT* break “The Iran Deal”.
    Let there be a trade war, EU/US trade is about even meaning they can hurt each other equally lets see if US business likes to be sanctioned in their largest export market.
    This is for the future international law must be upheld at least by Europe.

  • Brane Storm

    Who in the hell is running the USA, Trump or Netanyahu? None of this has Middle East conflict has benefited the American people whatsoever since 2001 and the countless billions that has been sent to Israel at the tax payers expense over that time. That’s what happens when dual Israeli/US citizens control the highest branches of the US Government.

  • Anne Bradley

    Right on, Corbett!!! QAnon is probably a Mike Pompeo psy op since he was busy not doing his job when CIA Director, which lead to his offices get raided and opium Factories get bombed! And Trump rewards him for doing a lousy job by stealing Rex Tillerson’s job so Crooked #September11 bombers Pompeo and Bolton can have emergency immunity!

  • FlyingAxblade

    okay, it’s take me awhile
    real question
    why did Dan replace Pilatto? I’m thinking it’s because Dan has “run full cirlcle.” yeah, I spelt it wrongly. ‘m on bitchute too so I’m still following Pilatto. but I liked him once a week here. But Press for Truth, meh. Canadia dosn’t have the populace…I just don’t get it. huge fan, share your videos with my dad, case by case.
    Anyway, I had a dream, and now, 2 days later, this is my research
    : denominations of the church are like franchises.

  • Cal Bono

    Yeah but that social credit thing is just a deal breaker.

    Their economic dominance may spread and even their culture, but their form of governance wont make it very far on a global scale.

  • Melike the big boom Is cool

    So am I to assume that you think we should have continued to GIVE BILLIONS of dollars to Iran and give them uranium to build bombs to use anywhere they please. Mind you Iran is the world leader in terrorist sponsorship. And this helps our influence in the Middle East HOW? WTF

  • Millavi MV

    Yes, I thought that Trump was the choice so he could bring US down faster. Many people said the Obama administration used the Cloward-Piven strategy to weaken the US financially and under Trump the deterioration will continue further. Trump will destroy what is left of the US/dollar credibility around the world while he continues to please the ZioCons.

  • John Jay

    Corbett, I can’t believe how smart you are, and how you truly know everything about everything. How can I live without you? (Yes, that is sarcasm)

    Thank you for exposing yourself as a smooth talking fake know-it-all shill.

    Folks who are subscribed, I would suggest using your discernment.

    When someone tells you that they are THE source of truth and tell you to ignore other sources. That may be a red flag… just sayin…

    What a horses ass this guy is..


  • Conscious Being

    It is one thing to claim the Western elite are actively pursuing the collapse of the West ( which is a more plausible explanation than to claim they are stupid and don’t understand even the immediate consequences of their decisions) and entirely another to claim there is a global elite that controls the entire world including Russia and China.
    The Western elite are pursuing their own interests as they always did, except their interests are no longer aligned with those of the commoners in the West. The elite in countries like the BRICS too are pursuing their own interests and their interests are completely aligned with the interests of their own commoners _and_ the Western elite. So the West will collapse leaving their commoners in the dust while BRICS will continue to rise. No global conspiracy here, just alignment of interests.

  • Ima Carrot

    Qatar is on the other side of South Pars.

    The Iran “deal” was an EO by Obama that was not a treaty. In fact instead of the 67 votes that are required for a treaty to pass, there were 66 votes against, one short of needed to override Obama’s veto.

  • Dumb Goyische

    Kissinger has advised the great satan it will only remain relevent if it creates a MASSIVE war in the Far East.

  • Samuel J

    I doubt it will have any significance to either China or Europe, talking about either of their economies is missing the point, with all due respect. Trump’s stance on Iran deal was part of his election points, he cashed it in now he’s under investigation in the US, and so is the US embassy story. Netanyahu who’s also under investigation in Israel is shooting in all directions to divert attention and cashing in too. So while they were celebrating in Jerusalem more than 55 Palestinians were massacred at the border with Gaza in cold blood and more than 2500 injured. not to mention what happened in Syria days before and the “catroonish” Iran intelligence breach display days befor that too. As to China with its large population it is natural they’ll be looking for natural resources to sustain its population and they are paying good money for it for a change as opposed to colonisation as was in the 20th cetury witht the West or sanctions like with Iraq trading oil for food and medicine.

  • Fernesque Golan

    Let me get this straight. The US breaks an agreement, but if the other countries stick to
    the agreement, the US is going to sanction its allies for not breaking the agreement.
    That’s what I call good old AmeriKKKan “logic.” In other words, countries will be punished
    for doing the right thing. Not only is our president a moronic nitwit, but his advisors are
    in the same bag of stupidity as their boss. Is there anyone in this administration that has
    more than a gram of brain matter?

  • TheCybercoco

    Your whole argument is basically that the U.S. was damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Because let’s be real. France and EU or China? Is there really a difference? It’s win-win for Marxism. After all, that’s what is being used to dismantle the Western Civ and to bring the world under global governance. Not seeing how the Iran deal was in the U.S. interest either way.

  • A Team

    It doesn’t really matter if Iran is making Nukes or not, the deal is a treaty and once again ALL TREATIES MUST BE RATIFIED BY THE SENATE and it clearly was not. Its pretty clearly stated in the constitution. So i do not know what reality you are talking about

  • Ann Smith

    Syria has the pipeline that will feed all that gas to a freezing Europe as the global cooling trend that will be called the Solar Grand Minimum of the 21st century continues into its third year, confirming the global cooling trend.

    NATO does not want Iran Syria, China or Russia to have access to that oil or pipeline.

    The dollar is going up, Interest Rates are going up and most of the world governments have taken out huge loans in dollars during the last 10 years of historic 5000 year low interest rates, people always believe the current trend will always be. Drahghi’s Debt Bomb in Europe may go off before his term is over at the end of 2019

    At the same time, most pensions are in Government debt and risky emerging markets government debt, so as interest rates and the dollar go up, all these countries and pension funds are going to want a distraction from their Sovereign Debt Crisis, the real crisis that is building at the same time as the crazy cold winter, and spring super hot summers of Solar Minimums takes hold.

    According to some scientists who study the sun, and history, the Maunder Minimum and the Dalton Minimum are good historical records to study for understanding what is coming, crazy cold wet winters and springs, hot hot summers, lots of volcano’s and that means unpredictable weather for crop loss.

    Crop loss will cause major food price increases, riots in poorer countries, starvation and plagues.

    Crisis consolidates the predatory class who wrestle with each other for power. This crisis will wake many and offer an opportunity to implement change.

    You identify problems that Government creates and then you blame the banks say get rid of the Central Banks and abolish fractional reserve banking, they are the cause of all the problems of the world.

    When a bank loans you money to buy a house, develop a product or business, that is good for the economy.

    When a bank loans money to the government, who never plans on paying it back, and taxes income to pay the interest to pay the IRS agents, the Drug war agents, the never ending wars for profit, the war on poverty, the FDA, corrupt global warming scientistws and media for sale,etc etc etc

    all of the corruption stems from the Government borrowing Money, not from banks loaning you money.

    After the Earthquake in San Francisco in 1906, all the money in the US went to the west in recovery efforts, and seeing risk, the bank of england raised interest rates, at the same time there was copper manipulations going on that caused confidence to be lost. JP Morgan put up 10 mill of his own money and saved the day.

    So it was that the FED was born.

    The Creature From Jekyll Island fails to point out that the FED was originally designed to be the banker to bankers for bankers. It was owned by banks, funded by banks, so when banks got into confidence troubles or money flow troubles like in the San Francisco Earthquake recovery and there were bank runs, the tax payer did not have to bail them out, they bailed themselves out, that is the purpose it was private.

    Also, the fed was to purchase corporate paper in business cycle downturns so they did not have to lay workers off. The paper was to be purchased back on a tight schedule.

    In WWI, the federal government changed the fed charter to purchase government debt, and then the federal government introduced direct taxation of income to pay for the interest of the debt.

    The government borrowing money is the real monstrous creature. Not the central banks.

    If what you propose came true and the central banks were destroyed, the housing market, your savings account, all would be destroyed.

    It is not banks loaning money to people that is the problem, it is Governments borrowing money that funds these Wars for profit.

    The real solution James that I have never ever heard you say is this.

    Corruption will always be. We can never destroy it completely we can only reduce it with

    Term Limits for All Politicians
    Abolish Direct Taxation
    Abolish Government Borrowing
    When the Sovereign Debt Crisis Explodes, Debt to Equity Swap

    A money backed by gold is a barter system money. In a barter system money, the king taxed you for a little bit of the gold so he could make more coins. We no longer have a barter system.

    We now know that wealth is created through the production of a nations people. Look at Japan, no gold mines, but a very wealthy and productive nation.

    Our money is a “representative” money that does not need to be backed by a commodity because it is backed by the production of the people.

    Governments do not need to tax us. They can print the money that is needed for GDP, and print 6% to 8% more to run government. Because 96% of money is electronic, they no longer need some gold back to make coins.

    Rome did this for a thousand years with out taxing income or borrowing money.

    Your solution of getting rid of the banks would set us back to the dark ages where only labor traded for food was money.

  • Thundaga

    The Trump worship syndrome is real. As for China becoming more influential in the Middle East, I agree. I’m happy with it. Whatever can displace the USA and make it less relevant I’m happy with. Plus, China is actually building infrastructure in the region instead of destroying it like the USA does.

  • Mathew F Blackman

    The entertainment value withTrump is quite high! We’ll pay, soon enough, but right now, it feels good. MAGA KAG

  • Mush Room

    The world is changing. UK/USA tandem is going down (they were out of control, consuming way too much planetary resources, the world needs to be stabilized little bit), China/Iran raising up to replace them eventually. Trump is a part of this plan. His public announcements/actions are just a theater for masses, true politics are being made behind the curtains. Basically everything he’s done so far (sanctions, trade wars, etc.) was a part of this plan (to isolate and diminish the USA).
    Everything’s being managed by the global elite (global = not tied to a specific country).

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