Elites Prepare For Disaster While Donald Trump Faces Goldman Sachs

In this video, we talk about the latest conundrum for Donald Trump as he has stacked his administration with Goldman Sachs operatives and now faces a stand-off with the audit the fed bill. As this is all happening we are seeing tech tycoons, billionaires and elites leave the U.S in order to do doomsday prepping for the apocalypse. for more videos like this support us on http://wearechange.org/donate/

Ben Bernanke Confronted on Secret Federal Reserve Bailouts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMY70En6ud4

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  • vtg100

    HAVE we all been duped! Trump – Clinton = no win situation. Brexit – Euro =
    no win situation. It seems the fashionable political stance is to say ‘this
    pile of b/s or this one. Dont like either? You must be a terrorist….’
    blahhhhh! Not only that they have convinced some stupid people that the
    other side offends them when they speak! Grow up and most importantly
    ignore all politicians. (my advice other advice is available:)

  • Lourdes Pena

    I believe you’re right, in this one. Nothing is going to be done. The FR
    doesn’t need auditing, they need to be fully investigated, and they are
    afraid of that. We don’t need a Federal Reserve! Get rid of it!

  • SamSam

    trump & hillary . all part of the same team . as for us the people hell to
    them . no one is coming to save you ‘ you must save your & family stock
    with Gold & silver can food arms & all you need when that day comes real
    talk my dude !!!!!

  • lonewolfnmoon

    Either Trump is just as Evil as Killary and on the Payroll of the Elite and
    wall street or he is a genius and keeping his enemies in his back pocket
    along with those that know best the corruption the process and how best to
    fix it. We do not need politicians to run our government we need scholars
    engineers experts patriots and scientist. Nor theologians that want their
    Church to rule the State.

    The bible is not the only book you need as Ronald Reagan said. It alone has
    caused more wars and killed more people because of the Evil it contains and
    a religion that says Everyone including Americans are devils their nature
    evil and unable to do good, that is the tares that looks like wheat when
    young planted amongst the wheat. The Gospel is where you find the Golden
    rule that says anything else is Evil.

  • Helios Seven

    Jew hating, Skull and Bones, illuminati tin foil hat wearing conspiracy
    theorists are foaming at the mouth tonight! And it’s not even a full moon.

  • AspieAndy2012

    Well, Dave Cullen said that the alternative media also needs to hold Trump
    accountable but unfortunely they’ve been giving him a pass

  • Baxter2243

    I’m with you Like , not sure of Trump like I was because I was hoping he
    would stop all of this perpetual war that our Government has been engaged
    in since 9/11 .

  • Kev W

    John Kerry is also a Kohan which is not supposed to mix in any way with
    Gentiles because Kohans are part of a elitist Jew tribe that dates back to

  • Victoria LeBlanc

    thanks for the update, baby👍👍👍👍👍👍 i appreciate being able to see all
    the articles discussed in one sitting.

  • dipojones

    When will people finally realize the elite globalists control both parties
    and own the fucking government ? Your presidents and elected officials are
    all puppets including Trump.

  • Barney Fife

    To learn and understand what has happened to the money of the U.S. read
    “The Conspirators” by Al Martin. There you will find out how our own
    government committed massive fraud on the American People. The top of the
    pyramid; the Bush family. Everyone should read it

  • Scum VS. scum.

    Face sachs to swallow? Hope not, we are tired of getting fucked ourselves.
    If you do sell out, don’t forget to smile during the reach around.

  • james williams

    The Dow numbers are a fake representation. They do not reflect THE TRUTH of
    the state of our economy. It`s all a manipulation of the TRUTH by the big
    banker and Wall Street criminals to hide how bad the people of the masses
    have been ROBBED.

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