The War of Terror is A CIA-Sponsored PsyOp


While people on both sides of the phoney left/right divide squabble over terrorist boogeymen and Trump’s CIA chief gives Saudi Arabia an award for “counter”terrorism, everyone has lost sight of the bigger picture: The blithering morons who are the face of international terror are aided, funded, controlled and handled by the intelligence agencies. It is all part of the con to get you scared of your own shadow so the terror-industrial complex can laugh all the way to the bank. Today James breaks down the latest chapter in this never-ending psy-op saga.


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  • causeisez so

    Nice masonic symbolism all over that award, and the Grammy goes to wealthy
    Illuminati dead idols. Oh yay. I can sleep at night now. The mASSES are
    crying with joy.

  • Ke Mc

    Hey James, quick question if you don’t mind. Do you think Trump will fall
    to the deep state, is already embedded within, or anything in between?
    Thanks so much, love your videos!

  • m kh

    So our government is aware of each attack before it occurs? Could there be
    crazies who act alone? Also why in the name of Islam its like they want to
    associate all of the Middle East with Islam and it wasn’t the case 30 40
    years ago the Middle East was so diverse and a lot less religious the same
    goes for Islamic countries, why did they adopt this closed minded ideology
    you can’t just blame the US.

  • Charles Patterson

    People use the term ‘Orwellian’ a lot but sometimes they should use the
    term “Lovecraftian?” That might even be more appropriate!

  • Cliff Sullivan

    Thank you for stating the obvious! Anyone still believing contrary is doing
    so wantonly and should be culled, ostracized and put to task on their
    reasoning. Many cheers!

  • Mussolini's Head

    James have done a report on Albert Pike ? Would be great if you haven’t.
    Love your stuff, Thanks so much. ✌

  • Abarnare

    James, what would be the process of dismantling the Gladio B network inside
    US? Say Trump was, for the sake of argument, against the Gladio network,
    exactly what would he need to do to? Also, from a geopolitical perspective,
    how do you think the US should handle the regime in Saudi Arabia, if say
    the administration was not interested in supporting Gladio operations?
    Would the US simply walk away and expose the Gladio operation on the
    ‘International stage’, like was done in Italy in the 90s? How would the
    networks branches in Europe respond to a US administration that opposed the
    operation? If we see United States work with Russia and Syria to establish
    safe zones and effectively clean up the wahhabists in Syria and bring an
    end to the conflict, how does this affect Gladio operations? Doesn’t it
    seem completely against the goals of Gladio B to work with Russia and
    nations like Syria to fight IS? Furthermore, is it a positive sign that
    Trump admin has shown support for Erdogan in Turkey? or would you view this
    as an effort to try and bring Turkey ‘out of the cold’ and away from the
    Russians? If so, is the Gladio network playing ‘good cop, bad cop’ in the
    sense that you have growing tensions with Germany and Greece with Turkey
    but possibly improved relations with the US? recently Turkey renewed a
    request to the US to extradite Gulen. I suppose that will tell us a lot,
    since you and Edmonds have speculated he would ‘die’ before that ever

  • Stewart Buckley

    CIA, “Catholics In Action”.
    “To serve as a corpse” death oath Jesuits and Knights of Malta.
    Poisonous GMO, radiating, Earth destroying demoniac filth.

  • Al Truist

    The entire world is a gigantic psyop, run by the Central Banksters for
    profit, and for their own entertainment. Oxymoronic “intelligence” agencies
    are just the dupes, rubes, dolts and dimwits who are their “boots on the
    ground” in all the major countries of the world, carrying out all the
    fakery. We live in an entirely manufactured, manipulated reality but are
    led to believe (quite successfully i might add) that it’s all “organic”
    when none of it is, it’s all been carefully planned and crafted just like a
    swiss watch (because that’s been their base of operations for centuries).

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