What will happen when a mind full of enemies must realize that all is self!

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  • Aixa Inspires

    I really confused about various topics. As a person who has been told her
    whole life to believe in God, Allah your message says No in fact there is
    no God. Questions about the books are a Lie?

  • Yogi Locs (Ayurvedic Chef)

    “whatever you think, is whatever it is…”

    Solving & neutralizing any force is the goal, always appreciate your
    perspective big bro!

  • Innerstanding

    Correction @Aixa my message says you are a Supreme Being, that is above the
    concepts of jealous tacky non realistic gods who in most cases have been
    created by your oppressor.

  • erin bentkowski

    Sevan…..I just had this talk with my husband….this life…is not for
    just him and I to learn and experience….it is about us teaching our
    children…it is really for them…..Ego makes us think ‘oh shit this is
    all about my learning my research…No and yes….it is about being our
    ancestors for our seeds…the evloution of mankind….I learned from my
    fathers and forfathers and now it is time to teach them. I give them tools
    daily…every generation gets better and better.. I have hope for them.
    They know what I speech of and if I can teach them they can teach theirs.
    We got this WHOLENESS..truly.

  • Eric Jordan

    Sevan’s messages are awesome. Molecular Biology shows us that we are pure
    energy, by converting everything we take into our portals into energy, or
    Adenosine Triphosphates (ATP). Secondly, the first law of thermodynamics
    tells us that energy is neither created nor destroyed. Therefore, We are
    the unbegotten, and neither created nor destroyed. Infinite.

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