America’s Global War: Strategy and Empire


As NATO forces conduct full-scale military exercises on Russia’s doorstep, the world’s attention once again turns to Eastern Europe. But as Professor Michel Chossudovsky, author of Towards A WWIII Scenario and The Globalization of War points out, in this era of total warfare, the real threat is not just a military one and its scope is truly global.


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  • UnitDave

    Hahahahaa…. stacking globes now? That’s right… give them globeheads a
    double dose!!

    But seriously people; you don’t live on a wobbling, spinning, rotating,
    revolving, spiraling, shooting ball.

  • Ben A

    It is so insane to observe this horror show and wonder, *why?!*

    Life is simply not sacred to these banksters. Millions have to die for
    psychopathic greed…

  • Golden Era

    I wish you’d throw those globes away though. They are offensive to both
    your intelligence and ours. Irrelevant, I know but still..


  • LeCrazyCanuckEh

    China allows foreign banks into it’s economy…I never usually write
    anything about NWO except when people bring it up…. I typically respond
    with “hard to argue”….I believe it is relevant here…Cheers James

  • babaloo42

    I think Russia is on team Jew just like the US, so there’s no reason for a
    war between the two. They’re probably just doing these deployments to
    justify military spending. I think they tag teamed Syria together to create
    the refugee flood….. another Jew agenda to undermine white unity.(((sorry
    to put it in racist terms but the Jews would never allow such a mixing in
    their country… and they have admitted to this being their idea(mixing
    Europe), so I don’t know how else to look at it other than a secret war on
    WHITE control of white countries)))

  • Anad Reltub

    I’m sure glad Islam, Russia, and China don’t have any hegemonic programs.
    Of course, I don’t want to mention Zionist bankers, for that would make me
    anti-Semitic. By the way, have you ever read the 25 year outlook of David
    Ben Gurion in the 1962 edition of ‘LOOK’ magazine? It seems to me he
    envisioned the World Court to be conducted from the Israeli Supreme Court.
    Am I to assume he was just a puppet, and if so, whose?

  • Philip Jarman

    All superb 3 D performances (conscious by the Elite, unconsciously
    performed at the military level) from both sides programming fear and
    readiness to accept a Supreme ruler who performs miracles and has answers
    for everything . For now, proxy wars against unequals are possible, but
    wars between equals would ruin the only home in the universe known to the
    Elite .– It won’t happen .

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