Outlawing White Neighborhoods & Freedom of Association

Lana talks about the taboo subject of freedom of association and the right of exclusion as a way to avoid conflict in diverse America.


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About The Author


  • Gazmend Ceno

    Shared at IQitl as usual. You guys should do that yourself. There’s so many balls I can juggle at the same time. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Kyle S.

    If all this diversity and integration happened organically instead of being forced by the state against the people’s will, I wouldn’t mind it so much. But since that’s not the reality of the situation, I say fuck diversity and all these elitist hypocrites who don’t practice what they preach.

  • pimpofdoom

    White people have the right to self determination.

    Though preferably, we can leave the race traitors behind.

  • Luke Stakelbeck

    When I was growing up in philly my neighborhood was mostly Italian with a little Irish sprinkled in. Then the city started forcing whites to move so black & Spanish could move in. Now it’s a complete wasteland

  • Paul Greening

    CBC radio in Canada literally had a politician pointing out that the city of Kingston Ontario was too white and how they (govt) needed to find ways to change this all to make it diverse. Imagine anyone saying a city was too black, the shit storm after that would be astounding

  • Big Al

    Of course they can GO BACK TO YOUR CAVES aka Europe! And get the FUCK out of my continent. We were just fine before you came here .

  • Jim B

    Great video, Lana, as always! And I must say that you look absolutely eye-popping beautiful. Almost too pretty to look at. Almost. Henrik is one lucky guy!

  • red9man2130

    I can see a huge backlash coming from this. the leftist/statists will cause the death of “minorities” when many end up getting shot by whites as the whites are forced to defend themselves from this mess. Divide and conquer has long been a tenet of the so called “democrat” party. I grew up in Detroit and my great grandmother was full blooded Potawatomi Indian otherwise I,m all European. again I see the day when a HUGE backlash will descend upon the so called “minorities” and it will come as a result of the left and their agenda. WHITES need to UNITE!

  • Fox On a Cloud

    I want my friends, family and children to reflect the values and culture my people hold in esteem. I don’t want to be forced to live with people that indiscriminately hate me and my people. Peaceful boundaries through mutually respectful segregation is a lot better than civil war to hold up a failed multiculturalist ideology.

  • Monika Barocsi

    They be planned it in mid 1700s
    Place nonthinking nonwhites above the thinking whites. The ruling class find the whites a threat because we are able to think

  • ahmataevo

    *If a White Person*
    Moves Out > White Flight > *RACISM*
    Moves In > Gentrification > *RACISM*
    Sees Color > *RACISM*
    Doesn’t See Color > Ignoring Racism > *RACISM*
    Doesn’t Partake in Culture > Non-Inclusive > *RACISM*
    Engages in Culture > Cultural Appropriation > *RACISM*
    *It doesn’t matter what you do, it’ll never be enough*

  • Paul Greening

    Cities have Chinatown Little Italy etc for a reason. People are tribal by nature. It’s not a bad or good thing it’s just a fact

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