The Deep State War In Trump’s Administration Over Michael Flynn Explained

In this video we talk about the latest controversy inside the Donald Trump White House surroundng Michael Flynn and the Russian phone call scandel. We go over the influnce of the deep state, shadow government and main stream media in this pivital decision that Donald Trump is about to make about the future of Michael Flynns job as National Security Advisor. For more news like this, vote with your dollar on and help expand our operations.

Video: The Best Decision Donald Trump Has Taken As President

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  • jaceNZ75

    The Trumpers have turned hitlery bots. believing what he does is for the
    country first but sadly he’s always been about the $$$. Hold him to his
    words while its still fresh don’t turn libtard but support Trump not the
    policy. kissenger is never a good pick.


    I’ve said this before. How can Trump be against the mainstream media
    against the establishment and globalism and be a Zionist. When Zionism runs
    the mainstream media, controls the establishment and is the head of
    globalism? Trump is a Zionist shill to possibly continue the agenda

  • seanlaca

    I don’t think Flynn is that much of a NON-establishment warmonger neocon.
    He’s pretty neocon and warmongerish in his ideology. I mean the guy was
    pretty much head of intelligence in Afghanistan and Iraq during the Bush
    years. You don’t expect a guy like that to suddenly become a “truther.” The
    “truth movement” likes him because he supposedly admitted that US helped
    fund ISIS. But when people say that, they’re referencing the interview he
    had with Mehdi Hasan. Flynn sort of admitted it… I guess… because Hasan
    is a good interviewer and put him on the spot.

  • DeEpicAnimeFan

    Trump called Chelsea Manning a “traitor” and his pick for CIA director
    recently gave a medal to Saudi Arabia for “efforts against Terrorism”.He is
    a puppet just like Obama and Hillary

  • Maître M

    Flynn knows nothing about islam. It became very apparent after watching
    some of his interviews, especially the one with AJ’s Mehdi Hassan. How is
    he going to fix anything? On top of that the guy appears to be a warmonger,
    screw him!

  • Jose Nieves

    For those individuals that think he is against Trump, you are wrong. if you
    think he is for Trump you are wrong. He is only anti-war from what I can
    tell for the last six months since I been following him.

  • Flyersphan203

    if someone was really killed in front of the same building he is at, why is
    he still out there? I’m gonna guess that he used his Patreon money for this

  • HeadNods

    Man Bernie would have been the best president America would have ever had,
    I’m disappointed you don’t cover him more, he says and does some incredibly
    great things. What is this the Trump fanclub with only news on Trump?

  • Stephen Rorhan

    Flynns biggezt problem is his mouth, the latest one of IRAN as being the
    biggest sponser of terrorism is just bullshit, he lost any credibility. In
    the lead up to the election he spoke the truth, but once he stepped inside
    the whitehouse, the usual neocon lies start unfortunately, and MATTIS is
    guilty as well

  • Daniel Alexander Lugo

    Trump has always been associated with Clinton… Can you not see what is
    obvious? Can you not see your nose? This entire presidential campaign was
    all about blocking 3rd parties from participating in the presidential

  • BoomShakaLaka

    our government has been infiltrated. just watch brigette Gabriel video of
    her reading the Muslim brotherhood plan for America. Obama was the great
    Trojan horse. brotherhood is recognized as a terrorist group all across the
    globe. Obama used his gift of gab to trick a lot of people.

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