The Honor Familys Big Move ~ Episode 7

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The Honor family needs your help. We are a family of 7 plus a puppy. Our oldest child is 12 years old and our youngest child is 5. Over the last 10 years our family has given inspiration and hope to people all over the world. We have shared the love that we have in our home and we have helped people to realize that they too can experience a positive relationship and a happy family. We have written books, recorded videos, conducted lectures, provided consultations, done radio shows, produced documentaries, and composed music to help people all over the world to live happier lives.

While our efforts have been well received and have assisted others in changing their lives for the better we have also sacrificed a great deal. We have lived at our current residence for about 7 years and over the years the neighborhood has deteriorated. Drugs have infested the community and as a consequence we have been faced with many alarming challenges. More recently our safety and security has been placed in jeopardy and we are now looking to move as soon as possible. In essence, we are in an emergency situation and we need your help so that we can raise the money needed to move our family to a safe community where we can continue to grow and continue to provide inspiration to others.

Right now we are searching for rental property between $1,200 and $1,400 per month. If you are a property owner or if you know any property owners and would like to help us, please contact us right away. Again, this is an emergency situation and we need to move as soon as possible. We are open to moving out of state if necessary.

The total amount that we need to raise in order to move is $8,500. Here is a breakdown of what the funds will be used for:

$7,000 to cover the rent deposit, first month, last month, plus 2 additional months’ rent. During the first 3 months I will be finding a part-time job as well as completing my current documentary project.

$1,000 for moving expenses (Uhaul rental, mileage, gas, etc.)

$500 Incidentals (For any unexpected expenses associated with moving)

Please consider contributing to this crowdfunding campaign. Any amount will be appreciated and all amounts will move us one step closer to moving to a safe and peaceful environment. As a family, we need your help and we are thankful for your assistance in our time of great need. Much love and appreciation to you from the Honor family.


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