Why North Korea Walks Away From Peace? Blow Dealt To George Soros, Monsanto and Google

In this video, gives you the latest breaking news on North Korea canceling peace talks and the major blow to George Soros, Monsanto, and Google recently with our latest news update. We also get into what happened with Nikki Haley walking out of the United Nations U.N Security Council today. Twitter changing visibility rules, social media studies, microchips and a lot more.

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  • Daily News Grind

    Loved the channel for a long while now. Great info, love luke, love the topics, & great professionality. Great work.

  • Elite20001

    Let’s turn the middle east into a glass crater and end the problems today kill the Jews and Muslims the world would be better off.

  • Jacqueline Iversen

    Israel has the same problem we have in the US. Nefariously EVIL GLOBALISTS that want one world rule and want to start war. DONT BITE. Restrain from their tactics.
    God Bless
    People are awakening!!!

  • Ruffneck Matt

    Only isreal has the right to self defense first strike! No other country in the world has that privilege!

  • Lydia Harvey

    I understand that hamas threatened the people if they didn’t charge Israel border they would kill them and their families. So much info to go through. What is real and what is fake or made up. And if a baby was killed there why did they bring a child to the protest something fishy here.

  • ben Whoisthis

    Are you crazy? Why lie? The N Koreans are the ones backing out. They have already said we COULD do our DRILLS during the deal. ‘Joint drills no longer an issue
    In a similar vein, Kim signaled in March that he would not oppose joint US-South Korean military exercises, which had been postponed while South Korea hosted the Winter Olympics.
    The annual war games have been a sore point for the North Korean leader, who sees them as a direct provocation to his country’s security.
    A South Korean delegation that traveled to Pyongyang reported back that Kim understands Seoul’s position on holding military drills with the United States.
    “Our stance on the joint military drills is that it is hard to postpone the exercises again or suspend them, and there is no justification for doing so. But Kim said that he understands the South’s stance,” a high-level official in South Korea’s presidential office told CNN in March.
    According to the official, Kim also said he expects the joint drills to be “readjusted” once the security situation on the Korean Peninsula stabilizes.
    US military leaders have refused to put the drills on the table as a negotiating chip.’ Here’s a source. https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/19/asia/north-korea-us-forces-korean-peninsula-intl/index.html

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