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About The Author


  • Guasho Maldonado

    Excellent information keep us posted please and don’t pay atention to people who don’t know shit about what is going on

  • Jcc

    Just wipe out Israel then the world can live in peace # no more Globalist banks # no more white genocide # no more destroying western culture

  • John Miller

    The old Hegelian dialectic in action….. No one hates Jews just for being Jews, people hate them BECAUSE THEY ARE ALWAYS BEHIND ALL CRIMINALITY,WARS, GENOCIDES, AND MASS MURDERS!!! Lol!!! C’mon Chad! Nice try!!!……

  • Bman Wi

    Israel is trying to ethnically clean the Palestinians because they know that the Palestinians are the real Jews. Israel should be held to account by the U.N for this

  • Shellie Canfield

    They (Israel) have given them everything they need to get Gaza in order and be successful. Instead of that they take the materials and turn it into terror tunnels. They put their women and children out as human shields and then cry when they die. If you don’t want to be called anti-semitic then don”t act the part.

  • Eddie Rodriguez

    Just as you state, that you were stating your views on topics. So are the people who comment on those views you express. Freedom of speech goes both ways. It’s a double edged sword. You keep it fact based, comments remain fact based. You throw in your personal ideas & views, comments will reflect that as well. YOU, as the host, are the face of AMTV. You are the one that has to be “smarter than that”. Everything that happens is a result of your videos. To every action, thete is an opposite & equal reaction. Keep it professional. Oh, by the way, that freedom of speech you so liberally put out there Chad, comes with responsibility. I know, I served & fought for you to have that freedom. U.S.M.C. Desert Shield, Desert Storm. Don’t belittle anyone for saying what they think/feel. Thank you.

  • Mark Hansen

    Very true, BUT don’t you criticize the criminal leftists Glonalists they will not yield not one minute not one second…

  • James Connell

    Chad you speak the truth. The American government and Israel .Saudi Arabia’s.did 9/11 on the American people the shit on the American flag when are the American people going to wake up and see what there government is doing to the world there country is run by pedophile pizzas gate cunts .and Israel wants to take more land of other countries in the middle east .Russia well get involved and then there well be no land for them evil bastards to take because we won’t have a World when the nuclear war start’s .and trump is backing the bad guys it’s really sad that the can get away with it .I’m all for Russia . PUTIN all the way .

  • dublion7

    WW3 is happening, and no one cares. People think it’s a joke. Do you think they are going to announce it’s started on tv? Wake up people.

  • Danny pain

    Iran and Syria have been fighting isis .. funded by the uk and USA .. and many others. all the world countries are corrupt and people have to understand that this is a wake up call ..

  • Harambe Uzamaki

    Fuck your haters Chad. Everything you’ve been telling us about these conflicts are mostly facts. People wanna accuse others of crying wolf when the WORLD right now is literally GEARING FOR WAR!!!!! Its blatant and in our faces. Wake the fuck up darling. We ain’t in Kansas anymore.

  • Steve A


  • Mike Joseph

    Hey Chad I know I break your b…s a lot about WW3 but that aside your a good reporter dude I enjoy listening to you , anyhow God bless brother

  • Ronnie Romero

    Israel needs to be wiped off the earth they are a terrorist state and have done nothing good for anyone. Israel is not a friend of the Unitedstastes either… in the past Israel has performed false flag attacks on the US, they have stolen US nuclear secrets and materials and Israel is also is also a leach of a country taking money from the US to the tune of 38 billion made in payments. Israel needs to go no one likes them. Hmmm if none of your neighbours on your street liked you then it’s fair to come to the conclusion that just maybe your the problem.

  • El Ray

    Israeli snipers are giving the mode to the other side to use the same mode. Tks Israel for helping Trump make America unsafe

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