OPEN THE BOOKS Penny Bright For Mayor! Auckland 2016

In my opinion,
Auckland is in crisis, a crisis that is right in front of our face, but we cannot see it.
The reason we cannot see, is Auckland, has a crisis of Transparency.
Have you been struggling to pay the rent?
Your Mortgage?
Your Rates?
Your power bill?
Have you walked down Queen street lately and seen your fellow Aucklanders sleeping on cardboard in the cold of winter?
I have, and I’m sure that decent Aucklanders like you are as concerned as I am about the treatment of those most vulnerable.
Despite being ranked as the 3rd most liveable city in the world,
Our city is fast becoming unaffordable for most of the people who live here!

G’day, I’m Penny Bright,
For 16 years I’ve stood watch over and guarded this city from my own office at home as an investigative activist alongside many others,
I’ve helped fight water privatization, attending 2 anti-water privatization conferences,
And 5 international anti-corruption conferences too,
I’ve Investigated private contractors,
Uncovered consultants with conflicts of interest
Helped shine the light on Auckland’s general lack of transparency.
And do you know who I found out is REALLY benefiting from the Auckland housing bubble?
Property developers, bankers, land bankers, speculators, money launderers & foreign investors.
That’s what 16 years full time work on local government issues taught me,
It’s not something you’d learn in 16 minutes as a Johnny come lately.

I am the only candidate Who helped stop the Wellington Super City in it’s tracks
I am the only candidate Who is opposed to the CCO corporate control model
I am the only candidate Who will hire a team of forensic accountants to go through the books
I am the only candidate Who will hold Auckland council fully accountable to the rule of law
I am the only candidate Opposed to the corporate control of Auckland & Of New Zealand VIA the TPPA
& I am the only candidate Who will NOT be intimidated by the corporates who think they own this town!

These are our homes!
These are our streets!
These are our neighbourhoods!
This is our city!
This is our region!
This is our Auckland!
Let’s fight for it!
Let’s take it back!

Script written by Vinny Eastwood and Penny Bright


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