Symbolic Pics and Illuminati Symbolism of the Month – June 2016

***Used under Fair Use***
I do not own rights. I created this video for educational purposes and can be shared freely for educational purposes. I love to turn articles into short documentary videos. Its much cooler to watch and listen to an article into a video format instead of reading it. lol

-Article From: Vigilant Citizen


-Narrated by: Truth Perception

Music by: Kevin Macleod

I do not own the Images…
All images remain copyright of their respective owners.


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1 Comment

  • Lee Veltman

    Ok. Now you’re sharing the stuff I’m trying to get debunked. One eye… Eye
    of perdition. Mirror images and reversed triangles. Back masking. Monarch
    programming…. I liked Aston’s hat. It was blue. When you get to umbrella
    corp and the avengers…. Illuminati confirmed.

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