The Future of Quantum Computing

Jason Bermas goes over the latest news in Quantum Computing regarding the team behind the world’s fastest Quantum Computer.

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  • GhostintheMachine

    Quantum computing will be a good thing, not a bad thing. Extending life, cancer cures, star ship construction, and so on. I know big brother can use it to watch me. So what? I do nothing worth watching. If we don’t develop it, China or some other country will in the long run. It’s a done deal and there is no avoiding it. You might as well take a seat and enjoy the ride. If AI is going to destroy us or China or Russia, it’s too bad. I don’t think anyone can control it now or during the next ten thousand years. It’s silly to worry. Nothing lives forever. Besides I don’t think humans are that great anyway. Who is to say they are worth saving. Give AI a chance, and let’s see what happens.

  • Robert Christiaan Vliegenthart

    Who ever the fuck cut that video at 3:56 is an idiot, JUST as he was talking about Dwave and Cern he is lying at that moment.. that’s a part i wanna see.
    It looks to be that this guy is like a mascot for them and tries to care people down so ppl won’t talk about it anymore.. thanks for cutting that part out guys… -_-

  • 1 nordeast

    That’s great but what the fuck are you ….anyone
    going to do about it …nothing just watch ……..this is 👍

  • xXIwanty4oXx

    There is also Quantum Encryption being developed right now. So in a way Quantum Computing doesnt just enable us to crack more complex enrycptions it also allows us to build almost impossible to crack Encryptions.

  • FRED- DY

    The really scary thing about the primitive quantum computers is that an eight qubit quantum computer has the processing capability of 16,777,216 bits. A 50 qubit quantum computer has the processing capability of 8.88178e84. Just to put that in perspective take an 8 and put 84 zeros behind it. A dectilion has 30 zeros behind the start number. Essentially it will be smarter than every human on earth combined times 10…

  • Dennis W

    @WeAreChange, is there any chance you can use a prefix on the vids, if its a #JB then i can save 5 mins of my life not listening to a boring ass face, if its #LR then i can listen to the dude i wanted to hear.

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