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  • OrbitalRescueSage

    Females don’t care and will ride the societal collapse to the scene of the crash. They vote, are the majority of the population, they control large sections of society by merely being fertile, and are quick to instigate violence by proxy against anyone that gets in the way of their wants and desires. Men globally seek their approval and cater to their every whim, and punish anyone that dares speak out. Good luck, but you will fail since you don’t account for female nature. You presume that everyone involved will be logical and willing to negotiate. But women do not handle logic, and feel instead of think. Look up the social experiments where they had mock fights between a male and a female, and how the crowd reacted to each instance. It didn’t favor men. Violence was always the result. A woman beating and yelling at a guy, the crowd joined in against the guy. A male beating/yelling at a woman, the crowd beat the man until the organizers stepped in to stop the crowd.

    Human nature is absolute, and you are correct that any ‘solution’ needs to account for tribal identity and human nature. But you didn’t go far enough. And that is why you will fail.

  • caitgems1

    Diversity is not our strength it’s our downfall, something forced only on white countries and cultures. I normally enjoy your work but this is way off the mark.

  • Hobo Wolf

    Always good to see new clips. But another cautionary tale…for the handful of people who control this world and have done for generations is isn’t just about simply controlling the banks corporations the media governments and military industrial complex. That is a way to gather the power needed. You can trace it back through history that the ruling families all belong to the different branches of esoteric societies that are all linked. Freemasony follows the kabbalah handed down from the Babylonian Mysteries. Bill Cooper gave many presentations on this. These people are cultural marxists. They want a one world depopulated system based upon theosophy and the synthesis of humanity. They want centralised control where the chosen get to rule over a strictly ordered society. Technology living in harmony with nature to serve a higher purpose. Most of all they want the majority of us off the planet as they see us as the enemy. They push the one love concept.. one gender..equality as a way of drawing people in. A false light. They believe in the Lightbringer. The Golden Dawn. Sun worship whatever you want to call it. Some see it as literal others as symbolic. This is why they are obessed with numerology and rituals and dark and light energy. Each world war has been another step towards the new world order. It doesn’t matter what you believe personally or if you think it is crazy. It is what they believe. Peace.

  • dylmason2k7

    I always look forward to your videos, inspiring and non bias and very motivating.
    This is a video that i do believe i will watch more than once when i need that kick again, Thank you!

  • Yeshua Logos

    You know what did work? The United States before taxation and the Federal Reserve. All this of course the government tricked us into thinking we needed. Why don’t we try getting rid of that and the welfare state before we try some “Paradigm Shift” that might just end up distracting us from the threat known as Globalism.

  • Grizhlie

    This video is a fine recommendation of the SCRUM method (and book)!

    Nice that you focused on basic paradigms and methods that actually work.

    Focusing locally should be adapted EVERYWHERE. Step by step…

  • Pyramid Builder Jr.

    ‘Skin color’ isn’t superficial, it sounds like you’re advocating civic nationalism. Guess what? It won’t work. All other races are not going to give up their racial identity, or give up working in their racial interests for whatever vague hippy world of love & peace you’ve got in your head. I’m not even 100% clear on your goals; & I’m not sure about you, but mine is to stop the (((New World Order))) & save Western Civilization. I think I’m going to advocate for Whites to be tribal as well, thank you very much. This was a long video with little substance. Real generic garbage that shows you don’t understand the world, or history (especially WW2).

  • NoNo

    those ideas would be great except for the masters of this planet with the wave of a hand can wipe out anything they disagree with and their agenda is the only one that will be acceptable to them for the management of the human race. the georgia guidestones aren’t a suggestion

  • Yusuf Ibrahim

    I have come to the conclusion there are those people or organization is just pure evil. 99%of the time they claim “we are peacemakers.” And behind them they bring organised chaos.

  • 117reconninja

    Where did the Christian fundies go and why have alt right faggots taken their place in SCG’s comment sections? I miss the good old days when morons were just dumb instead of openly fascist.

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