This weird Japanese festival is politics in a nutshell

What could make the would-be masters of society happier than to see us fighting with each other over the scraps from their table? Find out all about setsubun, mamemaki and politics in today’s thought for the day.


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  • sandra kippert

    Trickle down economics, 10 people stuffing themselves at a feast, 100 people scrambling around on the floor for crumbs.

  • Christine Cortese

    Absolutely stone truth. You nailed it. I’ve been trying to tell people this but they just do not want to hear it. I’m reminded of soccer fans who are literally rabid for their team.

  • lababalo

    Perhaps reconsidering the constitution and coming up with something greater and better, a new and improved magna carta written by the best minds in the world done via livecast so the entire world can help influence it?

  • urout W

    I feel your pain James. I’ve been telling people since before the election and after to take off their team uniform and see what is happening. NPR and Fox News are the same thing just a different team all designed to keep the people fighting for scraps…but at the very least….fighting. It’s been obvious for decades that the goal of the political parties is the exact same thing but they have the appearance of passing power back and forth so that the people believe they have a say in what’s happening. Add to that the technology of mind control and manipulation, the drugs people take, the food they eat and the things they watch, all that and more make the solutions to what you ask complex. History says that things have to get very bad before they get better. People want and need to be led. Better to prepare for that day with like minded people and be ready to step into that role. It won’t take a majority to do it either.

  • whatajoke333

    Ah yes, Bill Clinton and identity politics, our first real Zionist President. Once you name something you can put it into a box. The ZioMedia/Hollywood, work tirelessly to put us all into boxes. “Liberal, conservative, progressive, right wing”…You will note how the one term that actually means something, Zionist, is never used by the media. They will never mention how neocons/neo-liberals are predominately Jewish (though perhaps Jewish in name only). We are not allowed to question our Zionist masters, those who rule over Washington since 9/11 (curious how the same cabal that rules DC was also so active in 9/11, and was ready to take full advantage of it, that is no coincidence).

    Divide and conquer has been a tool of the Zionist for centuries, just look at how they work their magic in the Middle East. They use in American and Europe with similar efficiency, “let the Christians and Muslims kill each other”.

  • george pearce

    howdy all, call me a nut case for this one, BUT , this whole rice cake energy sounds like some fun to me in a kinky sort of way. My problem would be not knowing what to wear, like is hockey gaer fine or lacross gear wink wink nudge nudge

  • vlad013

    Japanese civilisation was established based on pagan rituals where overlords are the masters of the hapless multitudes.

    pretty much any social structure stemmed out of Lemuria or Atlantis civilisations is similar to what u encountered.

    Modern western secular civilisation too essentially is a pagan society at its core.

  • Listener

    The idea that the common people will unite for some higher purpose is a fantasy. The common people will always be led. It is only a question of whether they will have good leaders or bad leaders. Hierarchy is unavoidable.

  • Willie Gillie

    Your heart and your gut give you good discernment. It is always good to reflect on things you see and or participate in also.


    This is the problem with people who support a transition to anarchy. You may be able to live in an anarchy…but most people are simply not worthy.

  • not2tees

    I feel your arrow-through-the-brain, James. Your instincts for independent integrity are far superior to mine, but you’ve been a good influence on me, at least.

  • omegashock

    What you are looking for is altruism, James. And, altruism doesn’t exist outside of faith in Jesus Christ. It exists nowhere else.

  • Mitchell S.

    Dear James, this is irrelevant to the video, but you have videos saying that “global warming” is a hoax. I’m not here to talk about it being a hoax or not (even though we’re obviously _NOT HELPING EARTH/THE ENVIRONMENT_ ), but that the main objects clogging the human river of well-being are BIG OIL (PETROLEUM) AND “THE DRUG WAR.” _Hoax or not, when you say that it is a hoax, this gives BIG OIL more slack as people then take renewable and sustainable energies even less seriously._ You’re wasting your time going after the “global warming hoax” and the priestly class, who don’t have all the power any more. It’s the governments/corporations with ties in BIG OIL, BIG PHARMA, and THE DRUG WAR (which COMPLETELY ENABLES CARTELS/GANGSTERS).

  • LIX 59

    While I understand your view on this subject, I’m not so sure it should be reduced to being coined as “table scraps”. Some of us are fighting amongst ourselves because we believe our values are superior to the others, fighting for what we think is the “right way”.

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