Frater X, An Insiders Guide to The Secret War Inside Freemasonry Vinny Eastwood Show 2012

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Vinny’s NUTShell: Frater X, a member of many Occult secret societies has spent a good portion of his life accessing the archives of these secret orders, reading 200 year old books with dust all over them, to compile one of the most revealing and comprehensive historical accounts of war going on. A war carried out by the Scottish rite of freemasonry, to dominate all the other various masonic orders. A truly insightful and life changing interview with information on par with Jordan Maxwell!

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  • johnnyshamma

    So the Mason’s are not bad and trying to control the world, silly me. Only
    a mason would defend these scumbags. Frater X= cointel pro?. Diversion,
    disinformation? I do not know, I just question.

  • mlovesTx

    I spent 15 minutes really laughing tonight. It was wonderful! Time to
    deliberately get away from dissecting so much darkness; it’s good to spend
    time in the light.

  • Vincent Eastwood

    @johnnyshamma once you ask questions the smartest thing to do is ask them,
    then find the answers through research. If it looks like a duck, quacks
    like a duck, it’s probably a rhinoceros. When in doubt assume the worst to
    be true and hope for the best.

  • anvilofcrom

    There is good and bad in masonry…most are only allowed to progress to 3rd
    degree and aren’t involved in nefarious activity. 32 – 33 degree is where
    the serious occult luciferian nature of masonry is revealed to the initiate.

  • wilburdewey

    Most Masons only enter the Blue Lodges, which only has three degrees to
    offer. It is specifically the Scottish Rite that allows the 4th through
    32nd degrees. However, you don’t even have to be a Mason, or even have gone
    through 4-32 to have them award you the honorary 33rd degree. The Blue
    Lodges appear to be the chess board where occulted agendas are played out,
    like the competing agendas of the Scottish and York Rites as to which
    family in on the throne in London.

  • Joel Delgado

    Freemasonry is not satanic. Not even the scottish rite. Frater x, have you
    relieved the 33 degree? If not how can you say what it is about? Have you
    gone through the scottish rite? I don’t think so you would realize it is a
    good organization. It is basically the York right for non Christians. York
    rite requires you to believe in the trinity. Scottish rite excepts Muslims,
    Jews, Christians and let’s them participate in the degrees.


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