Identity Politics for Everyone or No One – Frame Game Radio

Frame Game is a Jewish attorney working and living in New York. He posts his thoughts and theories on geopolitics, white identity, and activism on his YouTube channel.

Patrick welcomes Frame Game to the show for a discussion about the Jewish lobby, Israel, and Identitarianism. We start off with Frame introducing himself and telling us a bit about his academic and professional background. Frame cites a book that he discovered during his undergraduate days by David Buss entitled Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind as the catalyst for delving into the politics of identity. We go on to address the characteristics of the organized Jewish community; and the predictive value of gauging ethnic interests. Our conversation also delves into the consequences of globalism, the history of Jewish ethnic activism, and the sheer power of lobbyists in America.

In the Red Ice Members’ segment, we switch gears and talk more generally about the Alt-Right. We start off by talking about the current state of the Alt-Right, post-Charlottesville. Frame sees this point in time as a reconsolidation period forced by the mass deplatforming, demonetization, and doxing of Alt-Right activists by a hostile anti-white establishment. We go on to discuss the Alt-Right vis-à-vis American federal elections of the near future; the new challenges facing identitarians going forward; and much more.


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About The Author


  • Terry Kath

    @ Frame Game, You really need to write for a respectable website such as the Occidental Observer. With your extensive knowledge on the diversity industry, your unique background & amazing ability to teach, your voice NEEDS to be heard far & wide!!

  • Ster Ling

    He should support Israel only if it gets rid of: The Samson Option, Oded Yinon, Operation Talpiot, The Greater Israel Project…And, it’s NUKES!

  • Yung Agora

    I believe Jared Taylor is right, that the alt-right should start to spread white identity & traditionalism to Jews. Zionist are racially aware of themselves and are vastly on the right, whereas it is the secular Jews that are not racially aware and so start these ridiculous leftist theories of racial equality and open borders.

  • telena helotova

    hes a jew that says it all he shouild shut up on whites since he is a jew.and jews arte anethame to all all ages.

  • Roman Divinity

    *Whites have so much to love about ourselves. We are an attractive, successful, strong people who shaped the world.*

  • The Goodly Dragon

    If Jews are on the side of whites and wish to work with us in preserving a safe and prosperous homeland for ourselves, such Jews I welcome as friends. Jews who see their ethnic interests as separate from that of whites, those I’m suspicious of.


    The only Jews, who are not dangerous for our civilization are the ultra-orthodox ones. Both leftist and the zionist Jews want to weaken/destroy the white race and will kneel for the same devil.

  • Ana Lisovskova

    You guys should make a video on nationalist men obsession for Asians. And how by breeding with Asians we will save the white race…

  • Schlomo Bagelbaum

    That’s it, white goyim! Let some Jews into your ranks. We won’t undermine you or anything. I promise! What, would I lie?

  • triflind

    Once I heard the guest was a Jew I had to comment. Why do the Jews have to be involved in everything? They are only 2% of the pop. but they have to worm their way into EVERYTHING. Are you running out of other guest candidates? I do not value his opinion nor do I have any use for that specific ethnicity. I will not be listening to the rest of this video.

  • Mike Steve Matt Cali Kelly Rachael

    I don’t identify with a color. I say I am Caucasian. Lets clear the air a bit…

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