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  • jhnb12876

    what?? So you think what he covers is funny? Dude almost ALL your uploads
    are HIS shows and you see it as laughs??

  • Vincent Eastwood

    too many exclamation marks and question marks bro, I can be pretty ruthless
    sometimes, just can’t be bothered dealing with BS or accusations that are

  • rd47blog

    Frater X has a hoodie on, just like his Masters taught him. Your a good
    slave Frater X, get a skull and cross bone tattoo and you’ll be all set.

  • M Petersen

    You make me laugh a lot. I need that since I tend to take life too
    seriously. Great guests, just what I’ve been hoping would manifest some day
    having studied occult material for many years and understanding that it’s
    origins were not dark but keys to individual awakening and “conscious

  • llaevigrof

    Awesome information and radio show…thank you…just a added thought…(I
    believe Jesus message was bastardized to control and think he actually came
    to set us free through ‘hidden’ knowledge)…one point, the Gospel of
    Thomas, Jesus says, ‘the Pharisees have taken the keys to knowledge and
    have hidden them, they did not go in themselves, and they did not permit
    those desiring to go in to enter’, and…’you should be clever as the
    serpents and gentle as the dove’.

  • llaevigrof

    In addition in GOT 3 ‘When you understand yourselves you will be
    understood. And you will be understood. And you will realize that you are
    the Sons of the living ‘Father’, If you do not know yourselves, then u
    exist in poverty and you are that poverty.

  • llaevigrof

    And lastly, GOT (gospel of thomas) 1,2 Whoever finds the correct
    interpretation of these sayings will never die, Jesus said: The seeker
    should not stop until he finds. When he does find, he will be disturbed.
    After having been disturbed, he will be astonished, then he will reign over
    everything. He constantly took attention off himself and placed it on the
    individual over and over again. Going back to the ‘original creation’
    …one without controls of ‘society. How much info was destroyed?

  • IllogicalMachine

    Awesome. Thanks for posting all these. I’m new to watching Eastwood, it’s
    so nice to have someone that can make jokes and not take everything super
    seriously. Thanks again!

  • g77enn1

    Writing like art allows the writer or artist to go beyond what he has
    written because it influences the writer to go beyond himself (little
    self). A feedback loop develops leading to an opening up of various aspects
    of the personality and spirit creating growth.

  • queenbeenightly

    I’m really liking Mark these days. He gets the core issue, which is a
    massive amount of ignorance in the general population compared to the high
    level occult knowledge of the elite of this planet.

  • anarchore

    lol @ the retard who called in and said “when was the last time you saw
    something orbit something else”… and “memory is stored in the bones” OMG
    this is what happens when the right side of the brain dominates everything
    – you turn into an open receptacle for any crap whatsoever to flow in.

  • PreventingExtinction

    Impossible avoidance – ultimately, invariably. you will seem toxic unto
    other people. Even if Buddha did nothing – many would find reasont to hate
    him. Your public exposure – inevitable incompatibility – can you expect
    anything less than infinity – within this reality? See yourself – through
    the eyes of those who despise you, growth can happens.

  • Grace Butler

    I read lots of books on my channel that explain some of this that you speak
    of. Like “The Kaballion, and many of Walter Russell’s books as well as
    other mystics such as Neville Goddard and Joseph Benner. Also I have been
    looking into Light and seeing and filming Light, showing that Light is full
    of all kinds of living creatures and travels orb like. I have many videos
    of that movement of Light.

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