Reality Check: Millions Wasted “Rebuilding” Afghanistan

Reality Check with Ben Swann:

Seventeen years of wasted taxpayer money and government mismanagement: millions of U.S. dollars spent on projects to rebuild Afghanistan that have not helped the Afghan people. In some cases, these projects actually put Afghans in danger.

This is a Reality Check you won’t get anywhere else.

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  • Kate Phillips

    War is nothing more than a method for turning taxpayer dollars into fraud, waste and theft! SO maddening.

  • Keeper of the Bones Sean

    Ben, this is a pathetic softball offering from someone who used to actually report on current and relevant issues. Ive noticed that your whole production has suffered in the past month. The first thing I noticed was the poor sound quality on your videos. Its like someone stole your audio equipment. Several of your submissions sound like they were recorded in a bathroom. But I get the sense that you have been spoken to by someone. Bottom line man, Your trust level along with your credibility is in that same toilet you recorded you recent videos. Even you body language and presentation is off base. So whats up?

  • LarryC213

    Quote: “millions wasted rebuilding Afghanistan…” if you add up the total costs there, it is likely multiple billions. The U.S. government doesn’t do anything efficiently. I seriously doubt that they know how to spell efficient. I forget who it was that I heard say this, but it was hilarious and true: “why do we place so much trust in these generals and admirals? They haven’t even won a damned war since WW2.”

  • CivicsR2Cool

    I spent plenty of time in Southern Afghan and mainly in kajaji at the water dam power plant, there wasn’t a month that the workers weren’t killed and all progress of getting the city power was foiled.. the problem wasn’t on our part, it was on the Afghan national army. They were too scared to deal with threats from the smarter, over powered, over funded insurgents in the area and the only thing we could do was try to help them try to do it themselves. If we had just done all of the work ourselves we’d have been out of Afghan back in 04

  • LarryC213

    How about rebuilding our own electrical grid? How about rebuilding our own roads, bridges, railroads, schools and factories? We invade these nations and then we train and arm their men with weapons and ammunition. Then they use those things to kill more Americans with our own weapons and ammunition. How stupid are we? The U.S. military should only be used to defend our own nation and its borders. We really need to give up on this ridiculous and asinine plan of being an empire which rules and police’s the entire globe. That is nothing but madness and it must end. It will end eventually, either we will stop the madness or the American empire will collapse the exact same way that every empire has collapsed. And at this point, it looks as though it will likely be the latter. And soon.

  • TheDeliman

    Military Industrial Complex, all military contracts for friends and doners of corrupt politicians….or complete idiots

  • Judy Sherfey

    Educating girls has proven to revolutionise Islamic cultures and it costs so little! We Americans should insist that girls be educated in nations that the war hawks insist in “helping”.

  • algrundy

    Our government should be blowing up cities like Detroit and spend the money rebuilding them instead of foreign countries.

  • Trevor Partington

    Thanks for providing some oversight. No surprises. They probably find the whole thing exciting, swimming around in basically unlimited budgets, cost plus, no need to really deliver. It’s been planned for some time that the US budget would devolve into this. Drain/weaken the US through taxation and inflation, to fund wasteful construction of the new world order supposed utopia which the US will be slotted in underneath. This is more of the mundane day to day plodding in that direction.

    I think it’s time we decouple “plan for the world” and “conspiracy theory.” What’s so unbelievable about there being a plan for humanity? Especially given our historical context etc

  • Johnny Kat

    how bout that unused, unwanted, 34 million $ command and control center sitting in the helmand province of afghanistan close to the iranian border that they sold to us as wasteful spending of taxpayer monies .. and then there’s that 5 story underground bunker we built in tel aviv, SITE 911, Y SITE 911 .. call me crazy, but it sure seems someone’s gearing up for full out war

    “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”
    General Wesley Clark

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