What REALLY Happens At Freemason Lodges, Frater X, James Wright


The Dark Occulted Mysticism Show
With Vinny Eastwood & Co-Host Frater X
Guest James Robert Wright, Formerly Of The Supreme Council.
16 May 2014
Frater X on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fraterx.materx
Website http://middlechamberfx.wordpress.com/
James Robert Wright on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/james.r.wright.73
Website http://www.dialmformason.weebly.com
This broad discussion touches upon many elements, ranging from personal growth & realization of the evil that dwells within us all, to a first hand description of a typical Freemason lodge meeting.
Extra evidence has emerged in documents clearly implicating senior Freemasons in a conspiracy to permeate ancient Egyptian & Freemasonic symbolism in movies, media and music, in the hopes that a new society emerging will more easily merge with the coming system.

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  • SiliconOnSapphire

    So here we go again. Freemasons as scapegoats. You really are a sad bunch.
    Freemasonry has nothing to do with the so-called NWO. If you had any sense
    you would wake up and see what Freemasonry does for the common good.
    Control your idiotic thoughts and knock on the door of your local lodge.
    You’ll be welcomed as long as you’re not a jerk.

  • turk _

    a few thousand views on the TRUTH of what we’re being force fed by the
    Elite. & a few HUNDRED MILLION views on the Symbols being unknowingly fed.
    The Government is doing a better job making pot illegal in Colorado than we
    are exposing them.

  • james jackson

    their bloodlines are inferior I am the top martial artist and they are a
    bunch of spiritual bottom feeder bitches!

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