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  • mariusdire

    I’m sorry that you found that in your lodge. I’m finding a very different
    reality at my craft lodge. I’m encouraged to explore the ritual I’ve gone
    through and a more senior member who’s my mentor gives me more information
    on the symbolism and moral teachings. I’m also encouraged to visit lodges
    who are doing the rituals I’ve been through so that I can gain a broader
    understanding of things I may have missed when I was going through it.

  • Lip McNip

    True. Unfortunately, Freemasonry has degenerated into collective ignorance
    as a reflection of and that is pervasive throughout the rest of our society.

  • Frater X

    Good point! I think the comment before the last one missed this point
    whilst singing the praises of the quality of FM in their jurisdiction-which
    is really great for them though the sad exception to the rule nowadays….fx

  • Frater X

    There are of course simple errors of fact in each part which are addressed
    in the Live Radio broadcast on Radio Free Humanity which followed this
    series release: American Freedom Radio Network There will also be a full
    length DVD edited from the more than 3 and a half hours of footage recorded
    at the Type1 Congress! Stay Tuned!!!

  • Harlemworldboy

    As a Freemason I don’t the Masons he learned from. The jurisdiction I’m
    from is good for higher learning and if I ask what something meant I was
    told or if one didn’t know they will find the answer. Not one Mason I’ve
    met had a dumb look on their face. I teach all that I know to the lower
    degree Mason not in a parrot like manner but with understanding of every
    word. It’s easy to see this dude is a Cowan. He has some things mixed up.
    You can read all the info of Freemasonry on the Internet but y

  • Jim Goltz

    This actually reminds me a lot of my own experience in Freemasonry. I found
    much more intellectual, esoteric topics in the Scottish Rite. There are
    some efforts to bring back some of the esoteric elements into “Blue Lodge”
    Masonry, in the “Traditional Observance” lodges.

  • bsmoe1

    Many are of good character and morals . But honestly I find it unethical
    to have the best disposition to learn and some individuals have this face
    of sarcasm ..” like they think they know ” but they dont . And like Mainly
    P Hall states Masonry is a society within a society ! a secret within a
    secret that only a few will ever know !

  • bsmoe1

    I understand your dissapointment ! -.-! When you have the desire to learn ,
    but others thing you are in a ” STATE OF DARKNESS” being in masonry its
    like trying to catch a fly you never will ! , you are in this constant
    search for “light” further light ! more light ! If you don’t fear nothing
    you have nothing to hide ! Some appendant bodies talk about Christian faith
    hahaaa and its all hocus pocus You want to be part of something bigger?
    just be yourself , do good deeds love yourself and others

  • WorshipInTruth

    Freemasonry is not a “society within a society” freemasonry IS the society,
    there are societies WITHIN freemasonry which are “societies within a
    society” such as the Illuminati.

  • WorshipInTruth

    From my studies I would say that what this man has said in this video is
    more or less the truth. Yes the Scottish Rite run the show because it is
    the Scottish Rite who were DIRECTLY created by the Jesuits (for the purpose
    of getting the exiled Catholic-Scottish Stuarts placed back on the English
    throne) instead of being INDIRECTLY fomented by the Jesuits as were the
    other lodges. It is from the Scottish Rite that continental Europe gets the
    “Strict Observance” which led to the Illuminati.

  • nyendrak

    Its easy to be dismissive of ordinary men who are content to be just that,
    who’s only ambitions are to be good men, to enjoy the simple fraternity of
    fellow travelers and to do good in their community. The extraordinary magic
    this fellow was seeking does not exist. His commentary is mixture of fact,
    speculation and opinion. He is entitled to his opinion, though I believe it
    is borne from confusion and childishness.

  • Wes Kellogg

    I just wished you tone down the background music, at least half it’s
    present volume. Am I the only one that finds it a bit of a nuisance?

  • waleed uv havenhall

    frater, you and I are similar….time index 6:58 on this video…..my
    research is more answers had been given to the nature of
    masons…..remember the passwords? the clues, the two pillars, the
    lectures? the answers were presented but during the teaching you miss
    it……look at the book of enoc and the book of enki and there you will
    find that what you seek…..brother

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