Massive Influx Of Asylum Seekers Now In Quebec Canada – What You Need To Know!

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George Soros and Justin Trudeau’s plan for Canada is now coming to fruition! A massive influx of asylum seekers are arriving to Canada via Quebec’s southern border with 250 to 300 immigrants (some illegals from Somalia) crossing over each day! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth questions Canada’s immigration policy as well as the mantra “Diversity Is Our Strength”.
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  • Cryptocurrbit

    Why don’t we welcome refugee Christians?
    Seems there is only Islamic people coming here! Hmm meez thinks something is fishy here! 100% there is an agenda!

  • 46magars

    Most of the so called refugees in Canada are infiltrated to overthrow society, refugees real. Trump is protecting the USA, Canadians have a weak Trudeau. Those Pro Sharia law, Koran lovers,coming to have children who will be Canadian or American or Italian,but their parents reaching Sharia no respect for the respective Constitutions. Soros is behind all this supported by Trudeau, Obama and all these criminal, traitors, globalists. Start the deportation of all those who refuse to adapt and assimilate the country,they are here to overthrow the Western government

  • Kathleen Fairbairn

    Trudeau said the same thing puppeteer Merkel said and look what is happening in Europe. We are doomed! NWO agenda is rolling out as planned!

  • Taffy 123

    They know that shoving opposite cultures together causes a LOT of strife within the cities. People will be more focused on the strife around them instead of focusing on the bigger picture. You can’t mix opposite tribes and expect harmony. They want turmoil in the streets so that the focus is off of them.

  • Kat McNamara

    I live in Quebec and our health care sucks outside Montreal. We aren’t prepared for them and other than speaking French are the “refugees” ready for a Canadian winter. Boot and coat donations please. And so the South conquers the North.

  • Brock Hughes

    We have a disgusting liberal Government with Justin Trudeau doing all he can to sink us. This is what 65 years of paying taxes gets me? A Week Country who doesn’t even defend its borders and who pays rewards to terrorists like Omar Khadar. This is the kind of fucking crap I paid my taxes all my life for so that weak indecisive liberal leaders give it away to illegal immigrants and the most sickening part is once they’re here they will fund the bastards with more than I get on my old age pension.

  • Rica The Hopeful Voluntarist

    @1:27 side bar… “Jimmy Kimmel asked Americans to find North Korea, but they pointed at Canada” ?

  • askarainbow

    Hope it’s not “Bye-Bye” to Canada as it has been “Bye-Bye” to France, Sweden, Germany and the UK !! Probably many other places too, but hey, Canada, Iove you and don’t want to see you like those Euro countries that are no longer recognizable !

  • Deneze Bearclaw Lujanen

    Trudeau is a TRAITOR to Canada..we dont need Refugees..we already have Homeless, and these Refugees are illegals, and they carry virus’s.. and we will have a epidemic.. send them all Home……Trudeau is very Treasonous….. Send Trudeau to the Middle east or send him to GITMO..We ,Canadians dont want this.. VETS BEFORE REFUGEES..

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