Dash Spotlight: Enabling a Better Life for Kids in South Africa

Welcome to our Truth In Media Sponsor Spotlight on Dash Digital Cash.
This Dash Spotlight highlights one of a number of grassroots efforts by the Dash community: the Dash Leopards soccer school in South Africa.

The Dash Leopards are working to enable a better life for kids in South Africa through sports, education and social activities.

Learn more about Dash at https://www.dash.org/

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  • Frank

    Hey South African white people, move out of your country before the black people exterminate you! (BTW this video makes no sense).

  • docbar

    The focus should be on helping the innocent whites in Africa that the racist blacks are attacking and killing whites simply because they are white. It’s the very definition of racism and clearly shows us what happens when blacks are allowed to be in control. Average I.Q of African blacks is the same here in the states, average I.Q is 80. This is over 20 pts lower than all other races.

  • one of those guys

    It looked like that was already a middle class neighborhood. Not a great representation of effectual change for the better. Might as well just give suburban US kids free wifi. FFS who approved this video?

  • antmen5435

    Would dash be willing to buy me a jang seeder they could paint it the dash color and send me promo pamphlets to distribute.
    Just had to put it out there.

  • ENDtheFED2012

    And when DASH gets bullied by SJWs to manipulate what you can and can’t buy with their service….you’re fucked.

  • Ruckus Bird

    An infinite number of crypto currencies can be produced so i don’t know how their can be any long term value.

  • imenabde

    Fuck dash propaganda leaflets and this sell out of a reporter. Sad, Swan was once a would be challenger reporter.

  • Amazing Things From Around The World

    Ben, I don’t think anybody cares too much about Dash Digital Cash promotions.

  • Myst

    Don’t feed the Africans. Especially those Africans slowly beginning to genocide a bunch of ethnic Europeans.

  • Wak Job

    Well Ben, looks like you’ve garnered a few thumbs down BOTS already.

    Keep up the good work anyways…Go DASH!

  • 4trahasis

    I thought maybe you were going to talk about the vast swathes of brutal murders of white Boer farmers in South Africa…

  • sickman5000

    Ben you should do a report on the nasty things happening to the whites in South Africa. Western Countries need to be taking in white South African refugees, NOT everyone else NON-white.

  • C S

    Ben you should do a Reality Check on the “genocide of white people” in South Africa! If you read the comments, you’ll see there’s a real need for it amongst your viewers

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