In Memory of Andrew Dodson

Andrew Dodson, a White advocate, committed suicide on March 9, 2018 after constant onslaught by the left because he dared to openly declare love for his own people. The people responsible for Andrew’s death revel in it and think they are “doing something good” by driving people to suicide. They do not care about forgiveness or understanding those who think differently.


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  • Gyahaha AndKyahaha

    Andrew Dodson, Seth Rich, Madeleine McCann, Kate Steinle, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, and tens upon tens of thousands more that only made it into their local news cycles if that, all killed by diversity in one form or another, whether it’s a black raping and torturing a couple, or a Mexican “accidentally” shooting a beautiful and intelligent young woman with her whole life in front of her, or a largely Jewish pedophile ring that abducts and molests children and sells them to Saudis in Tel Aviv, or a whistle blower exposing the corruption and lies and sins of these hypocrites, or finally a young man who is emasculated and trodden upon by an alien Jewish culture that exiles him from his own society and culture leading to the death of his will to live.

    We will never forget, and we will never forgive because these people aren’t seeking forgiveness and I doubt they ever will. Tens of millions in Russia and Ukraine, who knows how many in China, the entire Russian royal family tortured to death, the Sepoy rebellion, the Haitian revolution, the current situation in South Africa and the previous one in Zimbabwe we must not forget the barbarity of these people and the Jews who egg them on against us.

  • Dragon 67

    Incomprehensible how the left does not see the hypocrisy in their “justified attacks”. A Culture like this leads to a tipping point in reaction to the Socialist Agenda.

  • Joseph Glasner

    Everone needs that Heroes journey..I was born into American cultural that was evolving ..a lot of you are finding a purpose.
    You can be part of a tribe as we all should be..this man seemed to have guts. Even his forgiveness ..transfer the moral jeopardy to his enemy ..can be a useful tactic..

  • Chris Peters

    This is not a game. Don’t get involved in this movement unless you have the courage of your convictions

  • Francis Meyrick

    Very sad. I’m not sure what perturbs me more: the suicide of what appears to have been a gentle, well meaning man. Or the cruel baying of the laughing hyenas. Those that draw joy from this, are truly shallow.

  • JustAintThatWay

    A gut-wrenching loss – to both humanity and men of intellect & integrity, (something Antifa/BLM & their backers know not thereof.) I wish the man peace and confess my ignorance about him before but forgive me, frustration that he chose so poor a course.

  • Johan2 Ofinlohigh

    Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If he really was such a reasonable man, it’s too bad he is lost to us. I hope there is a place where he is at peace now.

  • National Socialist

    A solider dies but one death, a coward Communist dies every day. Yes I am racist and proud of my racism!

    White Pride World Wide! R.I.P. Andrew Dodson

  • Vicky Villeneuve

    Nbc did you say. I think that Corp should be the next one to get all the attention that Andrew Dodson received till the Corp is bankrupt.
    As for that little creep, yes. He’s a racist, find out what that account is all about, and treat them similarly.

  • Woke Goyim

    Talmud is a handbook for trolls.

    We all know who our real enemies are and the useful idiots who buy ((( their ))) lies.

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