The Sickening Opening Ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem

Henrik looks at the symbolic, glaring ethnocentric opening ceremony of the US embassy in Jerusalem, Israel. A political, financial and religious elite – who all have a primary interests in Israel – gathered at the new embassy to gloat about their blatant control and influence over America, Americans and Americas foreign policy, all for the benefit of Israel. While over 50 Palestinians have been shot and hundreds more injured in the recent clashes at the border, this destabilizing move was repeatedly called one of “peace” by the speakers. Trump pulled this off – in Israel – while he’s hardly been able to keep any of his campaign promises at home.


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About The Author


  • Ghost 57

    This was something promised by previous presidents an now that it happened it’s sickening I think you people are jew hating snobs

  • Vaga Bond

    Trump is a zionist puppet, president of the United states of Israel. Israel a “holy land” according to jewish mythology, nothing but fairy tales for brainwashed zombies.

  • timmytide1

    Sickening? It was glorious and ling overdue! The people of Israel have spoken for years that Jerusalem is THEIR CAPITAL!! Only their enemies will say otherwise!

  • Roman Darius

    59 dead? 59 Palestinians killed because they went too close to the border fence? Oy, Vey! Israel was just bombing Syria over the fake chemical attack, but they feel it is okay to kill 59 Christian Palestinians??? Nobody died in that fake chemical attack in Syria. And if some of you are not aware of this, those same children were brought to Germany, France and Russia to say on video that they were offered food and candy to lie and allow people to wash off the fake chemicals . (God Bless, Putin) And the very kid that was turning different colors because of the chemicals says he lied for food and candy. So wonder half the world feels that America is the greatest danger to world peace

  • Berkley Walker

    They are really Judea not Isreal. The deception runs deep. The prophets were slayed there. “O Jerusalem you who slays the prophets”.

  • amerlibmov

    You’re never going to restore the white race condemning Israel. You need Christ’s support to save whites and He’s not going to support anyone opposing Israel!

  • amerlibmov

    Another reason is you won’t be able to attract enough support to your cause to save whites if you’re seen as antisemitic!

  • 444 COLUMBUS 444

    WTF like – There working against us ! I like the Trumpster but I’m not down with all this jewery – Netanyahus ( Gots to Gooo ) .. He’s a Fucking Termite to our American Economy !

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