Donald Trump Warns Of Nuclear Holocaust and Push For Conflict With Russia

In this video, we go over the 2 most shocking revelations coming from Donald Trump’s impromptu press conference where the U.S President did not hold back anything back. We cover the revelations from the leaks inside the White House and Donald Trump warning people about the push for war taking place now with Vladimir Putin of Russia.

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  • Lola 3.0

    They keep saying Russia is a threat to the U.S. Whether it’s fake news or not, it shows they are continually setting up the narrative that Russia is a threat. Now a Russian spy ship is off the east coast. Wake up people. Our corrupt gov. is going to do an attack on us and blame Russia so they can start WWIII, collapse the system and bring in their NWO. Prepare yourself.

  • Stewart Mcleod

    All these unaccountable secret agencies are controlled by Jews. Two white countries blowing each other up would suit them down to the ground.

  • Scum VS. scum.

    Orrrrrrrrrrr, it could be little Bobby hacking the shit dude. Yes, I said dude…bite me. Ha, you have trump as a what? LEADER, ha.

  • Семён Мигов

    Man you should really stop with the clickbate titles, that really sucks! We all know there is a strong force in the government including 80% of republican party to push war with Russia, Trump is just openly saying that and warning of obvious consequences of such behavior. It is clear he is symphatizing a good deal with Putin so lets just wait until their personal meeting.

  • dcdale9 Dale

    I really thought it was great. Better than being kept in the dark. He’s not fooling around. In your face! He said it was Obama left overs.
    Good show.

  • Thomas Botch

    The ALT-LEFT is going to be responsible for promoting the DEEP STATE’s efforts to push TRUMP to MILITARISM – and it may lead to WAR as it is making RUSSIA EXTREMELY AFRAID OF AMERICA

  • iamLI3

    wow just look at those comments , your shit’s getting REKT brony , that’s good for me though i needed to clean up my subscriptions got to many sending me junk info like this….

  • Scum VS. scum.

    Luke, you have lost your fucking mind. And if you think that I am defending this idiot, I’ll double down on you with more of the same. The idiot says “but;” I don’t know how many times, and he does not come close to the fucking context you are portraying! I have never seen you do this shit before Luke…what’s up man? All  that you get is the comment about him having pressure from the neocons, but…Duh? And to boot, I’ll say that I’m shocked that the freak said what he did, and did not totally go…what? Hitlerish…boy, am I tired if that one. Wake the fuck up Luke, and realize the danger in such a report.

  • Artificialhype

    wtf luke he was just warning us
    is wasnt a threat to russia wtf is this title man
    can you please stay objective and true? dont become fake news

  • Theodore Freeman

    Trump needs to put out a memo to everyone if you are leak information you will be in time found out an when we find you the DOJ will file treason charges on you an when we find you guilty we will put you before a firing squad an you will die.

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