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  • Mourning Ireland

    Weird, I JUST watched a RamZPaul video with a similar/the same quote as the
    start of this video. Now, to watch the rest of this video…

  • Wizdomtrek

    “Be careful of removing everything from a slave because then he’s free
    again”, NOT TRUE! If, if there was an alternative to THERE system then
    fine, let’s say you could re-attach to nature and the natural world for
    instance, that’s one thing, thing about that is THAT’S NOT AN ALTERNATIVE;
    from the way I see it there is NO ALTERNATIVE SAVE TO RE-ENGINEER THIS
    CONSTRUCT …assuming that’s even possible, don’t think it is, THEY, there
    ITCHING for a fight to establish a new social order PLUS they want a
    shit-load D.E.A.D. so, yea.

  • Sephardic

    LESSONS! Are you kidding me? This economic meltdown is going to happen; it
    will usher in: WW3, a new digital world wide currency and finally ERETZ
    ISRAEL. There’s nothing here to learn, the masters have planned this
    decades ago

  • Gregory W Trump Legion

    We got 3.3 million Muslims in America right now and we spend since 911 no
    less than 60.2 billion dollars a year to protect American citizens from
    these 3.3 million Muslims. DHS 41.2 billion a year budget. NSA at least 11
    billion a year budget. TSA 8 billion a year budget. When are we ever going
    to show some common sense here and just start paying these 3.3 million
    Muslims to leave our country so we can finely shut down these
    unconstitutional police state government agencies whos only purpose is to
    protect us from 3.3 million people for the cost of 60.2 billion dollars a

  • Damien Anonymous

    Cattle class? Dose this guy happen to be a Jew? Next he will be using
    word’s like goy, gentles, pig’s? Would like to know if this man is a Jew

  • bev lower

    be careful not to remove everything from a slave because you make him free
    again. this is a new thought to me & makes me think of the idea some have
    that an economic collapse will free us from the debt we all carry. they
    don’t want to emancipate the slaves so they’ll have to find a way to carry
    over (or invent) debt for the pleb’s.

  • Yusuke Sasaki

    I wish we could get a Japanese version of these kinds of talks. Mr. Corbett
    is there anyway or know any information for Japanese people?

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