The Honor Family’s Big Move ~ Episode 13

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The Honor family needs your help. We are a family of 7 plus a puppy. Our oldest child is 12 years old and our youngest child is 5. Over the last 10 years our family has given inspiration and hope to people all over the world. We have shared the love that we have in our home and we have helped people to realize that they too can experience a positive relationship and a happy family. We have written books, recorded videos, conducted lectures, provided consultations, done radio shows, produced documentaries, and composed music to help people all over the world to live happier lives.

While our efforts have been well received and have assisted others in changing their lives for the better we have also sacrificed a great deal. We have lived at our current residence for about 7 years and over the years the neighborhood has deteriorated. Drugs have infested the community and as a consequence we have been faced with many alarming challenges. More recently our safety and security has been placed in jeopardy and we are now looking to move as soon as possible. In essence, we are in an emergency situation and we need your help so that we can raise the money needed to move our family to a safe community where we can continue to grow and continue to provide inspiration to others.

Right now we are searching for rental property between $1,200 and $1,400 per month. If you are a property owner or if you know any property owners and would like to help us, please contact us right away. Again, this is an emergency situation and we need to move as soon as possible. We are open to moving out of state if necessary.

The total amount that we need to raise in order to move is $8,500. Here is a breakdown of what the funds will be used for:

$7,000 to cover the rent deposit, first month, last month, plus 2 additional months’ rent. During the first 3 months I will be finding a part-time job as well as completing my current documentary project.

$1,000 for moving expenses (Uhaul rental, mileage, gas, etc.)

$500 Incidentals (For any unexpected expenses associated with moving)

Please consider contributing to this crowdfunding campaign. Any amount will be appreciated and all amounts will move us one step closer to moving to a safe and peaceful environment. As a family, we need your help and we are thankful for your assistance in our time of great need. Much love and appreciation to you from the Honor family.


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  • Butterbee Brown

    Dont get a job!!!!!!!!!! Keeeeep your EYES ON THE PRIZE!!! There must be
    other ways to prove credit…your current landlord…get the house in
    someone elses name…ANYTHING!!!!!! Prove your income with documents of
    your bank statements…Get the homeboy hookup~ its all about painting a
    picture & homeboys KNOW how to do this!!!!!! you just need the right colors
    & palette…KEEEEEEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE!!!!!!!!

  • Savvy Sion

    Stay encouraged! Challenges can be good, it forces us to think in ways
    we’ve never thought before and to get really creative to solve the dilemma.
    I admire the fact that you all are such a close nit family and want to
    remain that way 😊. I believe everything will work itself out.

    Perhaps talk to the lady about your dilemma and see if she’ll work with you
    despite the fact that you may or may not leave soon. Maybe she know someone
    who could assist with the housing situation…just a thought.

  • Richard Deaton

    take the job… you can’t worry about what if’s for now… you will be able
    to find another job IF you move out of the area.. they will find somebody
    else to drive if you have to quit.. 1st things first…

  • SKeepers

    Don’t change your life to drastically. I would reduce adding major
    stressors. Right now, moving is a major stressor. Exploring places to live
    right now is the priority. Your family’s safety is important.

    As far as more permanent housing: you can still explore this over time.
    Most likely you’ll get a lease for up to a year. So permanent housing plans
    and arrangements can be a work in progress: network, keep notes and expand
    your housing referral networks, so if you ever need to move again you’ll be
    more knowledgeable of the markets.

    Working outside the home sounds like a major stressor. Check out resources
    like elance and craigslist for work at home, if you absolutely need it.
    Keep income records through PayPal for that income. Sounds like the work
    you’re doing now is already full time.

    Keep things simple. There is an abundance of time to get to everything.

    Wishing your family the best. Everything is going to work out. Moving can
    be a stressful time because it challenges one to change.

  • BlessedByHim

    I know this is so off topic but I really want to mention that the jewelry
    pieces Ayida wears are so amazingly pretty😍😍😍. The pieces that she’s
    wearing in these videos:
    1)Positive Relationships- is arguing inevitable
    2)Long Term Marriage with No Intimacy-
    Relationship Advise
    3)Is he being sincere- signs a woman can look for

    The beautiful Earrings and matching necklace pieces have a native american
    vibe to them. And the natural beauty she has really brings out those pieces.
    Does Ayida make them?
    If not would she consider making to sell?
    Where can I buy them?

    Thanks so much🤗🤗🤗

  • Cherished131

    Can you show proof of income from tax returns? Paypal statements? Also, you
    may find a lanlord that rents month to month. If you give 6 months up front
    that may help secure a lease. Its hard for people to turn down that much
    and its in your budget.

  • Edward Robinson

    remember, there’s no slip between the right cup and the right lip brother.
    universal law. let the right one come to you. under grace, in the perfect
    way. I Now give thanks that Lenon Honor and his family are not given the
    right house, at the right time, in the right way, in the right place, under
    grace in a perfect and MIRACULOUS way.

  • April Lewis

    Hey Lenon, it’s fairly easy to create credit and raise your credit score.
    Just open a credit card, set up an automatic payment for a charge like a
    cell phone bill that’s less than 35% of your credit limit, and pay it off
    every month. Your credit score may increase by 100 points in one year…but
    it will take time. Good luck, it seems like everything is falling into
    place! I’m happy for you and your family that you’re able to move!

  • loudwaters9

    Your mission is to find a landlord who will recognize from videos he will
    see that prove you can be *trusted*, that is the crux of your problem.
    Only when you are trusted, as in a history of making payments, which in a
    sense you have already payed forward with your works, means there is
    someone out there who will do this instead of a bank line, which is not
    real anyways.
    Try Habitat for Humanity just for networking if you don’t want to get into
    their program.
    Do you still know the faculty at the school you went to? Expand the
    parameters of your search.
    There is someone out there who would believe in you enough to just let you
    rent without a credit line.
    You just have to find him/her.

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