Frater X of The Middle Chamber interviews James Robert Wright Supreme Council 33rd Insider

Frater X interviews James Robert Wright, a Scottish Rite Mason that collaborates with Frater’s suspicion of corruption within the Supreme Council.

More on Frater X at:

More on James’ book: Freemasonry’s Cult Abuses- Human and Gay rights controversy at


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  • Andy Buchan

    My cousins are Freemasons, not all of them but some of them. One of my
    cousins who at the time ran the family business in Peterhead, their family
    business, not my families business cos we don’t have one. Anyways he said
    to me the Freemasons are just like any other Boy Scouts Club but we are not
    the most powerful by any stretch of the imagination. He also said that
    women have their clubs too including in the Freemasons. lastly he said
    corruption is everywhere. Grow up and wake up Doh!

  • dkapbboy

    I’m sorry Frater, but I wish you would shut up half the time. This guy
    clearly has interesting shit to say and you keep cutting him off. Thus,
    information is lost. I understand its your show and all, but you have
    terrible sense of when it comes to interjecting your own ideas. I’ve
    listened to you in 2 podcasts and you bring absolutely nothing to the table
    when it comes to Freemasonry and other secret societies. The Scottish Rite
    is a separate entity?Who gives a fuck.Are you even in these orders?

  • John Richards

    What do you recommend to a Mason who is seeking the Esoteric, Hermetic,
    Rosicrucian, Gnostic, and Mystical knowledge and experience?

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