The Honor Family’s Big Move ~ Episode 14

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The Honor family needs your help. We are a family of 7 plus a puppy. Our oldest child is 12 years old and our youngest child is 5. Over the last 10 years our family has given inspiration and hope to people all over the world. We have shared the love that we have in our home and we have helped people to realize that they too can experience a positive relationship and a happy family. We have written books, recorded videos, conducted lectures, provided consultations, done radio shows, produced documentaries, and composed music to help people all over the world to live happier lives.

While our efforts have been well received and have assisted others in changing their lives for the better we have also sacrificed a great deal. We have lived at our current residence for about 7 years and over the years the neighborhood has deteriorated. Drugs have infested the community and as a consequence we have been faced with many alarming challenges. More recently our safety and security has been placed in jeopardy and we are now looking to move as soon as possible. In essence, we are in an emergency situation and we need your help so that we can raise the money needed to move our family to a safe community where we can continue to grow and continue to provide inspiration to others.

Right now we are searching for rental property between $1,200 and $1,400 per month. If you are a property owner or if you know any property owners and would like to help us, please contact us right away. Again, this is an emergency situation and we need to move as soon as possible. We are open to moving out of state if necessary.

The total amount that we need to raise in order to move is $8,500. Here is a breakdown of what the funds will be used for:

$7,000 to cover the rent deposit, first month, last month, plus 2 additional months’ rent. During the first 3 months I will be finding a part-time job as well as completing my current documentary project.

$1,000 for moving expenses (Uhaul rental, mileage, gas, etc.)

$500 Incidentals (For any unexpected expenses associated with moving)

Please consider contributing to this crowdfunding campaign. Any amount will be appreciated and all amounts will move us one step closer to moving to a safe and peaceful environment. As a family, we need your help and we are thankful for your assistance in our time of great need. Much love and appreciation to you from the Honor family.


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  • AveIvy

    How about asking your current landlord to verify as a referral for your
    credit history. Also contact a realtor who specializes in rental property.
    They can professionally present to home owners your situation in a more
    favorable light.

  • kharyzma4u

    I am so glad that you didn’t go through with that 8 months upfront deal.
    Unethical by all means on that landlord’s part. You have done all that you
    can do at this point. You’ve raised the money, and you’re looking at
    properties. Anyone who looks at properties will tell you that it doesn’t
    happen overnight. It’s just like a pair of shoes. You are looking for the
    right fit. You can even look at it like a “positive relationship”, you will
    attract it with your internal gravity. Just keep doing your part and
    looking. Make sure to specify to the universe exactly what you need. I am
    speaking from experience. I’ve had this happen twice in terms of a home.
    I promise you that the right opportunity will come along, and it will be
    effortless, by the path of least resistance. Then, you will be doing a
    video on how you can’t believe that you are in your new beautiful home! We
    are all praying for you. You are doing a great job. Thanks for all of your
    help. God has your back! :)

  • phosphorescence

    I wish I had a property I could lend you for a year to build credit and
    find a place to move. Are any of your relatives well enough to have your
    company for an extended time? I mean let’s face it.. you need time to find
    a place and time to build credit as well as think, clearly and deeply –
    without anxiety.

    Your son having these dreams were probably inevitable, was this your eldest
    son? I know it’s negativity however you are quite a balanced man when you
    add up every grain of sand that makes up your past. You have masculine
    traits and feminine, every human being should have both imo, in their head
    and in their actions and words. Whichever son you’re referring to is
    probably gonna turn out to be much like you on a brighter note, cause
    you’ve seen it all too and much more.

    Don’t think about the here and now so much, unless it has to do with the
    accountability or safety of your family while you figure things out.

    Transition is never an easy thing and it is not instant, there’s numerous
    steps to take. The funds are there, try to maintain them and move forward
    at the same time. You’re fighting for your new home basically, how hard you
    fight is how far you get and this just could be the final stretch of this
    road you’ve been on that must be endured. Love peace and positivity bro,
    that’s all you need.

  • Jas Coasttocoast

    Bro Lenon I truly believe your new home is being cleared out and prepared
    for your family. There are places that will accept families with little to
    no credit. I am almost 4 years into my credit history and the age of my
    credit is still young so don’t believe them. The money up front is fishy.
    Your integrity comes first and that was for sure a bait and switch game the
    individual was playing. I know we’ll be watching move in the new home

  • Butterbee Brown

    i knew yall werent gonna do that 8 month bs…your home is being
    prepared…keeeeeep your eyes on THE PRIZE!!!!! WE LOVE THE HONORS❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • batikwalla

    I’ve transitioned from renter to homeowner and now a landlord all while
    being a single mother of 4, self employed artist, and eventually
    transitioned into internet based income. Lenon, and I’m telling you – you
    can do this. Even in these tight rental markets, you – with your solid
    rental history and online persona, you are an asset to a landlord who needs
    to fill a vacancy. Having no credit score is a bonus – not a detriment!!
    It’s important you clearly emphasize the fact that you carry no debt, you
    are consciously drug and alcohol free, and have a solid rental history.
    Paypal, Bank statements, 1st/last/security are plenty – but you need to go
    into this project taking the bull by the horns and highlighting what sets
    you apart from most prospective renters. Do not tell property owners how
    much money you have. Only tell them you can promptly pay the required
    move-in funds the day your app is accepted. It’s already a huge extension
    of privacy that they want to look into your bank records, necessary as it
    is. Tax forms are a must, but outside of that, do not filet your financials
    for the sake of getting into a house – any house. Your money is an entity
    that needs your respect like any other quality you cherish.

    Do not apologize for the lack of credit – this is a statement of your
    aversion to debt. Do you know how many people have thousands of cc debt,
    with collections on their tail, while also trying to get into a rental? How
    many have addictions on top of that, or drink just a liiiiittttle too much?
    Or maybe expensive medical issues? Smoke – cigarettes or otherwise! Or
    applicants going through a divorce? Or lack steady relationships, or job
    history? Tons. TONS!! People have all kinds of backgrounds. No one is
    perfect. But look at the strides you’ve made in your own life! Very low
    drama, high responsibility qualities. Property owners want to know their
    rent payments will be on time, AND have a sense of security that their
    investment is in good care. This is the message you need to send out. Your
    family is a gift to the right house and landlord. It’s very stressful being
    a landlord, this is why a lot of them go to PM services and then the
    property falls to neglect over time. So many PM services tend to rustle
    around behind irrelevant documents and phone trees and don’t do much else.
    I really wish I could explain how these places work but this comment is
    long enough. Do not apologize for the lack of paperwork! Your lack of
    evictions is easily trackable, and that’s 10 steps ahead of the game. They
    need to do their due diligence with your legal right to privacy and
    security. Most property management companies are faceless, slow, and
    senseless, so try to avoid them when looking for a new rental. Many do not
    treat property owners well either. Let me tell you.

    Stick to Craigslist and Zillow and YOU vet the landlords. Is this the right
    house for your family? Will the property owner take care of serious
    maintenance issues? Is the house in good condition? Why did the previous
    tenants move out? What are the neighbors like? Remember, they NEED you!
    Focus on the fact that you have successfully supported yourselves for YEARS
    with an online business, have a very public and easily accessible profile
    where many details of your life can be observed for screening or check-in
    purposes. This in itself is a huge asset in your favor!! What landlord
    would not love the fact that they could click onto Youtube and see their
    happy tenant taking care of his or her investment property on a daily
    basis? It’s golden. You really need to push the fact that you have a
    growing internet based business and want a house that is suitable for your
    family as well as your recording.

    You must eliminate any sense of desperation in your presentation. Remember,
    you have a long history of clean living, a LEGIT steady income that can be
    tracked through Paypal and bank statements, and well behaved and cared for
    children – this is actually pretty important dynamic to prospective
    landlords. Emphasize how your family maintains a daily or weekly schedule.
    Explain how well kept your current yard is. If your dog has up to date vet
    records, bring that to the table too. If your family has only one well
    maintained and clean car – that’s a bonus! Not a detriment. These are the
    details a smart landlord is actually looking for.

    One more thing, raise your bar on what you think you can afford. Not too
    much of course, but every time I moved houses my payments went up by
    hundreds. It was very scary and I moved very slow, often clouded in doubt.
    But deep down I had faith that my psychological “survive and protect the
    family” triggers would kick into gear and make sure those payments were
    made. And let me tell you, through hell or high water, those payments were
    made. And then some… I came from less than nothing. Yours was one of the
    earliest channels I found on my path out of abuse years ago. Have FAITH you
    can do this. Go into this with certainty on what you’re bringing with you.
    Do not apologize.

  • Konstantin Naumov

    Hello Lenon. I’ve had that experience many times. You find yourself in the
    situation that is not comfortable, scary, new, unpredictable. You can’t and
    don’t want to wait. You want a change so bad you start grabbing whatever
    options are out there. And none of those things work, sometimes making
    things even worse.You just have to 1) live with your own pace (it’s hard,
    especially when you have relatives who insist on faster/better results), 2)
    be patient. It will come at a perfect time.
    I’m so happy, that you’ve realized that.
    Love and blessings from cold Russia )))

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