Somalis in Minnesota Steal Millions in Welfare Scam, Money Goes To Terrorists

Henrik talks about the massive daycare welfare scam that Somalis have been running in Minnesota in order to funnel millions of dollars to Islamic jihadist group al-Shabaab.


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About The Author


  • keitherable

    I disdain NIGGERS,they will ruin every place they live.Send these APES back to where they belong,to SHITHOLE ,AFRICA.

  • Lemon Lee

    Americans like to brag that their country isn’t going down the same rabbit hole as the UK, Sweden and Canada, but what’s really happening is it’s happening a lot more quietly there, and somehow, they’re remaining blissfully and dangerously unaware.

  • Kristy Howard

    The Root of the problem, is the defiance of the African continent to control Its perpetually over breeding/inbred population.

  • David Belcher

    Why are there so many problems in Somalia? Because of the Somalians!! The problems in shitholes like that don’t just magically appear and involve animals or insects…. the problems are Directly caused by the “people” who live there!! Ship them back or at least send them away from decent Westerners

  • Per T pesc

    Its the same here in norway also. What else to expect? In iq Somalia scores very bad. Bellcurve top under 70. This people cant make an education and for that not get any job either.
    Lending children from each other and Then go to different wellfare offices in different citys . Showing one New pasport on each Office. That way Getting wellfare for many children and for many peoples also. This people are a big scam. And most of them dont get any reaction from the state. Cause it Will be racistik and how can They know its wrong? Theyr blacks.

  • H Jay

    Esau you time is up!!! Slavery is your fate and your future. Cant wait to have an handmaid and a bond servant. And my personal toilet cleaner.. ?

  • Jone Liu

    Please stop giving aid to blacks and let nature take it’s course they are useless and aren’t fit to live in 2018.

  • Chris Houston

    When minorities riot they burn their own neighborhood, when whites riot they burn entire continents.
    that’s whats coming

  • The chosen One

    Hahaha and you all complain about mexicans getting welfare atleast they dont use to support terrorists.

  • Fred Fact

    Waving the Somali flag. They hate America. It’s too obvious for the Left not to know. Second generation is even more hateful and radicalized.

  • Roman Darius

    Isn’t it funny how the blacks never stop calling white people, and only white people the (R) Word, yet they are leaving Africa by the millions to go live in a Racist White Country?

  • joseph crosby mecham

    I was never a globalist. But in my teens my father took a job at an oil refinery in Kuwait. Being young, impressionable and adventurous I threw myself into the language and culture of that host country and to be fair, the Arab population was quite hospitable and treated me quite well in spite of the fact I was Christian.
    Fast forward twenty years and I started befriending immigrant Iraqis and practicing my Arabic and for about a year this seemed to be a healthy and harmless diversion. Then slowly I saw how my “friends” started talking g about how their values were superior, a couple of them got married and I never met their wives while they joked about the American women they seduced and serially discarded. I was a bit chagrined inside myself but though I missed the language study as soon as I realized these people had no love or respect for America, I dropped all ties. I subsequently learned that

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