The Ochelli Effect 5-2-2018 war racket war racket

war racket war racket
The Ochelli Effect 5-2-2018 Chuck Solo

War racket war racket, Wher for art thou, war racket. Apparently, in the American Empire, it lives and breathes within the military-industrial complex and vacations in the Narcotic black market. Chuck goes solo on a W Odin’s Day and takes calls. Caller John drops in with praise for the show and many guests by name. Special thanks to him. Chuck reads some typical headlines one might find elsewhere, but can’t leave it at that. He tackles the War machine of American Empire along with the phony drug war. Both are tied rather tightly to the false paradigm currently fueling the alleged global war on alleged terror.

war racket war racket


war racket war racket

A mid-week Ochelli Effect brings issues like Yemen and the multiple weapons of destruction for slow-motion mass murder to light. The interviews will continue as part of the regular shows, but we hope the Chuck Solo hours are just as enlightening.


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