The Ochelli Effect 5-21-2018

World Trending Patent pending
The Ochelli Effect 5-21-2018 The Greek

World Trending Patent pending

New data shows people increased their Facebook usage after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Disclaimer: This should be listened to by no one. If you are confused, it’s a good start. Revisiting the thing that once was “Ochelli and The Greek.” The Greek joins us for something most are not paying attention to. Just like how no one will notice this text makes no sense at all in context. Why should it? Cosmic censorship is being lifted slowly enough to frustrate Chuck. How are you doing? Please leave your comments! We shall be grateful. Apparent clues for the clueless. How’s that coffee? For the record, the transition is revolting. Did Iran pull a mini-9-11? What do politicians actually do? How about academics? Stonehenge? The rise and fall of empires nobody mentions. White Jesus gets stoned, or maybe he wasn’t white. Who with an ounce of taste wants to eat dinner with Trump? The middle-east violence is right on time. Being a moron is an outlaw state of being. Legal society pranks. Plug and play. What day is it? Adam and Eve explained. The scientific method alongside the reality. World Trending Patent pending. The Greek does his greekspeak.


How high can you bounce a dead cat? ; World Trending Patent pending


World Trending Patent pending

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