Why STEM CELLS And U.S Medical Tourism Are On The Rise In Mexico

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on stem cells and medical tourism that has been on the rise in Mexico. We get into treatment, stem cell shots, iv stem cells, medicine, and therapies that people could only get in Mexico.

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  • Ineffable Earth

    Mexicans illegally flow into The States for financial reasons…now people are going to Mexico from The States for medical treatment. What a strange international relationship.

  • kenjencat kenjencat

    Luke! Please check out Project Camelot you tube channel. They are trying to shut it down. Kerry has been working on stories for 12 years. They need support. Thank you what you do. Your an inspiration.

  • octoberapple

    do you pay attention to suzanne somers at all? she’s a breast cancer survivor, and she/they regrew her own breast (years later) using her own stem cells. can’t remember if she had to leave the country to get it done though.

    ps i left a comment on a different video not too long ago about artworks & war & corruption. came across another good book on it: duty free art by hito steyerl.

  • Ellie Lowehiem

    Opiates are hard to get in Mexico??????????????????????? Did she really say you can’t get easy prescriptions for narcotics in Mexico? Is she dealing with real doctors?

  • JormungandR

    I wish I had the money for this, maybe then my father would still be alive and I would have confidence of my own life past the year.
    Instead, we have to deal with the scam which is the US medical system. Profiting off death and suffering. With no incentive to actually cure anything, as there is no profit in curing ailments.

  • Fee_ Lo

    I had a high grade chondroblastic osteo sarcoma and had it treated in Mexico. It’s one of the deadliest cancers known to man.

  • chsftball57

    I work as a Medic here in the US which gives me a unique view on this topic. Not only are the docs doing exactly what’s said here but they’re also worked ragged. Overworked and under staffed is the typical way medical professionals are handled in the US. And even if a doc wanted to give alternative prescriptions such as diet, they can’t. Well, they can’t get a check from the drug rep anyway.

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