URGENT: MSM Syria Lies NEED TO BE EXPOSED…Before It’s Too Late

SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=20107

The world once again finds itself hurtling to the brink of war, and once again the establishment mouthpiece puppet propaganda media is leading the charge. This time around their lies defy description. In the sick world of the would-be warmongers, child beheading terrorist scum are now the heroes. The blood of the innocents that spill from here on in covers the hands of the mainstream media propagandists.


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  • Dr.Thrumpkinz III

    Mark Toner is living proof of exactly why one should never give cocaine to
    a Skexy. Every single time they’ll barge up on to the nearest stage, their
    beaks all pink and inflamed, and then just go bananas thinking their human
    impersonation is the absolute cat’s pajamas.

  • Paco

    A country-wide no-fly zone in Syria?? How is it that Senator Wicker could
    be so stupid and uninformed that he’s has to ask that question? I’m a
    freaking cook and knew the answer to that question. Maybe I should be on
    the Armed Services Committee and HE should be cooking.

  • k1mpman

    Yeah, history repeats. However, this time we have social media and it’s a
    strong tool to get people to know what is really happening. People are
    putting this extremely large puzzle one piece at a time. Lets just hope
    this doesn’t end in a bloodbath.

  • Kathleen St. Clare

    If I remember well from Syrian Girls video; the boy was begging to be shot
    instead of beheaded. His plea was not granted.

  • DoomDealer

    I live in hope that one day in the not too distant future the MSM – and
    everybody in it – will be held to account. “I was only doing my job” won’t
    save them.

  • Titus Frost

    100% agreed, this beheading situation is mind boggling and frustrating. As
    I wrote on my blog on steemit, we need to reach a critical mass awakening,
    aka 16-17 million American’s to start an unstoppable mass awakening to the
    reality of our situation. We have to use all the tools available to make
    this happen. One of the best ways to fight back is with independent wealth,
    as they use finances to control us, money outside of their control (IE John
    McAfee) presents real threats to the system. I covered all this in my
    recent blog on the China RMB being added to SDR basket. “TitusFrost” on
    steemit. Corbett you already follow me on there. Great video, peace!

  • Samuel J

    Shamless BBC, they’ve been serving war propaganda for more than 50 years.
    Now the rest of the MSM follow suit. They are so much more subtle than Fox
    News, but they are all the same. I watch MSM only to be updated with the BS
    they dish out and try to figure out what they are hiding.

  • brahmin21

    I just watched Iron Man 3 and the plot was quiet revealing in the sense
    that the “Jihadi” extremist the “Mandarin” was a total military
    industrialists creation…….seems truth is indeed stranger than

    “The Pentagon gave a controversial UK PR firm over half a billion dollars
    to run a top secret propaganda programme in Iraq, the Bureau of
    Investigative Journalism can reveal. Bell Pottinger’s output included short
    TV segments made in the style of Arabic news networks and fake insurgent
    videos which could be used to track the people who watched them, according
    to a former employee.”

  • Johnny Virtually

    so all the Zionist lies leads to ww3 …. hitler was right then! not
    surprised….general Patton told us we were on the wrong side…should been
    wiping out the Communist Jew mob!

  • 4exgold

    that is the modus operandi of the BBC & their MSM partners in crime. Using
    weasel words to justify heinous acts of barbarity committed by Western
    forces or their proxies anywhere in the world. Sickening.

  • Scott Wasinski

    There are a LOT of MSM YouTube channels whose comments sections are flooded
    with dissent and censored. Some have comments disabled, but most do not get
    enough views to even support the time it takes to upload their mockingbird

  • babaloo42

    Yes they are lying but it’s not necessarily to get us into a war. They
    could have done that months ago, but they didn’t. Seems like they are
    waiting for something. I think they’re waiting for Trump to be elected, so
    he(the Jew plant) can look like a hero for working with Putin to end the
    conflict. Kind of like Reagan and the hostage “crisis”. This conflict was
    meant to cause a “refugee” crisis IMO and was never meant to be a full
    blown war. Trump stepping in and solving this mess that Obama was made to
    appear to create will leave us all feeling relieved and safe, but really we
    will be in the hands of yet ANOTHER Jew puppet….. it just won’t be so
    obvious. But we’ll see. BTW in a war with Russia we would have to launch
    nukes as our first action or we would be sure to lose. Given that, there
    would be no need for a media campaign to justify the war. They could just
    make up something like the Gulf of Tonkin. In a first strike nuclear
    scenario they would not need the same propaganda lead up like they did
    before Iraq. In that case only a ground war was possible. In this case
    nukes would be inevitable, so they wouldn’t need to bend over backwards as
    they are doing if what they want is war with Russia. If that’s what they
    wanted they would just press the button and explain later. So you see, this
    can’t really be about getting a war going.

  • Kim Jameson

    Hmm, the “Ministry of Propaganda” deluding a Nation and the world….where
    have I heard that before? Will we ever wise-up?

  • Scott Wasinski

    I do find it interesting that most people will admit that the “news” is
    full of bovine fecal matter, yet many of the same people hold a worldview
    that can be directly linked to the MSM. It is pathetic, really.

  • Paul Helinski

    It’s funny how you are so detailed with this James, but Geogengineering and
    our frying planet are gobbley gook. I guess the syrians don’t pay you or
    threaten you so they are safe right.

  • kroikye

    What needs to be Exposed is that these Wars are Part of the CRUSADES 2.0 .
    The USA is being used to foment the VATICAN New World Order. The CIA, the
    Supreme Court, the FBI, in short the Whole Administration( AND the E.U. )
    is being governed by FREEMASONS and/or Vatican Knights. DO YOUR OWN
    RESEARCH, because Last 1500 years of History and All the Wars going on
    today, CAN NOT be Understood without understanding the Huge Role of the ”
    MOTHER OF HARLOTS ” that is seated in Rome, in it.God bless

  • Kathleen St. Clare

    New labels: MSM no longer works as a label because most people know they
    lie and have stopped watching. MSM shall now be called Corporate Media
    because they are all corporations; with the clear purpose of a corporation;
    to make money. The Corbett Report, Republic Broadcast Network, NewsBud,
    Boiling Frogs, Christoph Germann of newgreatgame, etc. they are what can be
    called The Independent Media. Voila ! I am a Michael Rivero Ranger, and
    supporter of the Truth Shouter Ken O’keefe.

  • James Fletcher

    This isn’t over until Israel says it is. The greater Israel will be
    realized no matter how many innocent people have to die, or countries

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