Putin’s Major Shift In Policy, Samantha Bee and Roseanne Barr Say Something!

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Russian President Vladimir Putin major shift in policy which will have huge ramifications for the future. Also, Samantha Bee and Roseanne Barr with Ambien said something stupid but regardless we also get into the important stuff like the merger of Monsanto and Bayer, America first, Donald Trump’s tariffs on Canada, Mexico and the E.U plus a more.

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  • Ethercruiser1

    I agree that Putin is trying to protect his interests in Syria & avoid a greater escalation between Iran & Israel. Putting tariffs on imports does result in increased prices for consumers & more money for big (bigger) government, but are necessary to protect or develop key industries in the USA. If we did not put tariffs on goods imported from Great Britain early on in our history, American industry would not have developed & Great Britain would have just used the USA as a cheap source of resources & an easy market for their manufactured goods. Today manufacturing is dying in the USA as unfair trade deals drive big business & manufacturing overseas. Finally, yes, we all know (those who listen to your videos) that the MSM likes to manipulate the masses & lies by both omission & commission… it has become a propaganda means by the Deep State.

  • Rich Tygart

    Remember, Zionist Jews are only in the process of gaining complete control of America but the Bolshevik Jews a hundred years ago succeeded in conquering Russia and creating the USSR. Putin knows who his daddy is.

  • hypo krites

    Putin will use Syria for as long as it is valuable/convenient, that is how these people behave. They are no one’s friends, but they are useful in helping to keep the peace. The world needs more political competition, and peace+prosperity + conscious/ethical people.

  • Louki Sumirniy

    Lavrov made a comment that sounded remarkably to me like they were planning to re-communise… So, and now, Russia is flip-flopping, so I predict that the time of Russia seeming like a foil for the global communism agenda is over.

    States are gonna state?

  • Rich Tygart

    97% of all Us Media is controlled by pro-israel Zionist Jews. If you don’t believe it then go to each one of the major news outlets in the United States and look at the last name of the president and CEO. 97% are Jews with an agenda that puts Israel first over America.

  • David Chaney

    Putin may be using the Iranian forces in Syria as a bargaining chip to get the U.S. forces out of Syria.

  • YouAreOneOfUs

    I disagree with Kaepernick. He worked for a professional organization and should be expected to not tarnish the image of his company. When he is on the field he is representing them and there should be no personal political agendas being forwarded (That’s just libtard nonsense). I think the NFL charges too much money for tickets and then pays too much for top players. The top players use the platform the owners provide and then get off the charts endorsement deals. The money should go to full medical for life (for any injuries related to playing) for the players and pay the linemen more , come on. The businesses I own , my employees represent me when on the clock. There is no freedom of speech or self representation. Don’t like it , find another job.

  • RebornThroughHate

    I don’t think it’s a policy shift by Putin. He wants an end to the Syrian conflict and, yes, Iran will have to leave the country at some point because it will only piss off Israel and the fighting will then continue. A policy shift would be if Putin allowed Israel to start bombing Syria to no end. ISIS is almost wiped out there and I think Putin just wants everything to finally return to normal (it will be more difficult to get US out – Assad today said he wants US to leave and he does not rule out a military conflict). There was another meeting reported between Iran and Israel where Israel wanted Iran not to advance near their border. I think, and hope, that if Iran does that, Israel will cool off. Putin wants a peaceful end to this. He also said he wants to cut some military spending (20%, I think) next year to allocate the money to the public (I wish Trump did that, eh?). We’ll see if Israel can be trusted here (another meeting, actually, was reported between Israel and the Hamas). US, again, is the bigger problem with the military basses and all that, in my opinion.

  • Michael Daly Artist

    Russia is by no means the powerhouse that was once the Soviet Union – maybe she is exhausted by the US and the race to the bottom.
    It seems that consumerism and the global capitalist bulldozer let loose represent a greater model than ethics, sustainability and the evolution of our biosphere.

    I can’t imagine how support for Israel over Iran is warranted but I hope Putin knows what he’s doing and hasn’t given up or compromised on being a reasonable anchor in an insanely explosive environment.

  • stuart angelides

    I believe Russia was talking to USA primarily when he said all foreign troops should leave Syria. Russia, Turkey, Iran, Israel are all nigeaotinging terms while USA saying we are not leaving Syria full stop.

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