Our Friend Roy: Philosopher, Poet, Wizard (Documentary)

Directed by Brendon Culliton

Synopsis: Learn the story of Roy McDonald. A beloved icon of London, Ontario, Canada who spent his life dedicated to helping bring more magic into the world.

Contribute to the Roy Statue fund at http://tinyurl.com/RoyStatueFund

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  • lucy pinon

    To live your philosophy. It seems so simple. Yet, so few will even attempt to discover their philosophy, and life purpose………. “A thousand times, I have found and lost myself”… Gives me the inspiration to keep exploring, learning, and challenging my thought process. And, to not be deterred by poverty, by people’s indifference, or negative judgements…… Awesome documentary. Bravo.

  • Always AHope

    Im thankful i met and chatted with Roy many times on the 13 Wellington Rd bus.. A thoughtful soul dearly missed by our city.

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