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  • Richie Whitehead

    I hope when Chomsky’s on his deathbed his brain is transplanted into a
    super-robot that then rules the Earth by absolute fiat for a thousand
    years: a benevolent, robo-philosopher king who institutes
    anarcho-syndicalism across the globe.

  • Russ Eastburn (ESP1000)

    First and foremost I would never allow anything attached to my name unless
    there was absolute truth behind it. The videos that I am selecting for my
    pages will be rooted in truth. They will have facts that can be confirmed..
    Some of the contents and subject matter may prove disturbing. However
    unsettling it may be again it will be founded in facts not just opinions.
    Many of the responses to these videos may yet to discredit by referring to
    the sources as quacks. But these are people who cannot except the truth
    especially when it casts such a dark shadow on all we’ve come to believe
    and trust. I didn’t sleep for days after watching “The Power Principal” .
    Like many I could not believe what was put before me. Then after watching a
    3rd time in addition to reading everything I could get my hands and
    confirming almost every detail in the videos. This took me just under a
    year. That’s when I knew I had to share this with as many people as
    possible. We need to do something we need to act and soon before it’s too
    late and we have Chinese as our first language Mexican as our second
    language and English as our third. 

    • Tsisageya 1

      +Tsisageya 1 I don’t agree with my cussing. I’m trying to stop. I always
      say that if I’m angry I should go read the book of Isaiah. There’s no
      cussing there.

    • Tsisageya 1

      +Russ Eastburn In fact, I don’t know what the FUCK you are talking about.
      If it’s Jesus Christ as Saviour then we have nothing to argue about, I
      guess. Say it plain or don’t say it at all. BLAH!!!

    • Russ Eastburn (ESP1000)

      I understand what you are saying 4 hours is a lot. Let me you if you were
      asked to watch 4 hours in order for you to receive the freedoms you now
      have. But if you didn’t watch then you would be told that you can only do
      what you are told from now on the rest of your life. That you may only go
      where you are allowed and that the police can just walk into your home got
      no reason. .Would you watch it then? Or if your child’s life depended on it
      would you take 4 hours out of your entire life to save your children?
      Wouldn’t you consider someone that couldn’t find the time to save their
      freedoms crazy? I didn’t put this up because I’m into conspiracies. So I
      recommend you take the time ,watch in segments break it down and then you
      aren’t sitting for so long. DON’T let it’s length allow you to stay
      ignorant to what your government is doing behind your back.

  • Chilly Mike Tube

    2:10:55 – Why I like wealth redistribution…
    2:11:15 – CIA secret wars = definition of war crimes

  • Stevo2o6

    we as the american people need to stop our government from getting itself
    involved with other countries problems. I know the corporations want a
    military presents in certain countries for the oil or lithium or whatever
    but we have the power to stop corporations. Let these countries take care
    of their own problems, most of them hate us anyway. I think the way i see
    it our government will do something that goes too far and there will be a
    revolution in this country…sooner or later. The facts that are coming out
    about the JFK assassination, Gulf Of Tonkin, and 9/11 are making the
    people wake up and trust this government less and less. This excuse that we
    are spreading “democracy” to just to let the corporations do what they want
    is not fooling anyone anymore in this country,

    • SkylineToTheSeaAndMe

      +Stevo2o6 – We only have the power if we rise up and exercise it and take
      our nation back. Even then, without all out revolution, that power is
      severely limited.

  • Tsisageya 1

    By the way, I blame the men, always and forevermore. The Lord is looking
    at you people with the penises. Imagine that.

  • Tsisageya 1

    Oh, plus, I am anti-jew. I’m not anti semitic. I am only anti jew. Anti
    Israel. Do you have a problem with that? Do you think I should be jailed
    if I question the mother-fucking “holocaust”?

  • SkylineToTheSeaAndMe

    It’s always the same tool used against the people, -fear. Now it’s fear of
    an enemy that cannot be realistically defeated; thus ensuring never
    ending military expenditures; and so now the war on “terror”, with an
    undefined unconventional enemy being artificially created called
    “terrorists”, further evolving into real terrorists, as these sociopaths
    commit atrocities around the world, and citizens of these countries
    naturally seek to defend themselves. Vasily Arkhipov = HERO to the American
    people and the Russian people; A rational, intelligent, thinking man, that
    understood the implications of going to war (for his own people). To bad we
    didn’t have more honorable men like him in the Pentagon, CIA, and
    government. Did he know the U.S. Destroyers were only using practice depth
    charges? I surmise, that he was probably the only one of the three
    commanders who had a feeling that the American destroyers were not trying
    to sink the submarines, but only cause them to surface. He knew that the
    Americans didn’t want nuclear war, but were only trying to play hardball on
    the subject of Cuba. Stanislav Petrov = Another HERO, for having the
    resolve (and guts, -Can you imagine the courage?) to wait, until satellites
    or radar pickup incoming missiles. Were there Americans who also, made
    these decisions? Who knows, -but it’s people like these who should be
    leading the world.

  • Nuno Baptista

    i’m still amazed why other countries still deal with the U.S.A,giving it’s
    history of displacing the native populations,regularly breaking
    treaties,spying on there allies,experimenting on their own people (MK-ULTRA
    ,The Tuskegee Syphilis Study,among countless others),dropping 2 a-bombs on
    populated cities just to make a point for both japan and the
    soviets,meddling in other countries internal affairs,constantly
    provoking,or trying to provoke, russia and blaming them for everything that
    suits their need…the list is endless…

  • Tom Noble

    I think this was a great film and all, and the academics were brilliant,
    but in regards to one of the last clips stating that it would cost $17
    billion a year to provide food, water, education, health and housing to
    everyone in the world – surely this figure is wrong? The UK welfare budget
    is alone more then £100 billion

    • Robin Evans

      +Tom Noble I would think it would be cheaper to provide necessities to
      someone living in a slum, then in a rich developed nation. Like that
      charity says, “a dollar a day”. Does seem like a very optimistic budget
      though, I agree.

      Not exploiting the poor or blowing them up would likely make it easier for
      them to lift themselves out of poverty.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    The budget for social spending was given in a percentage whilst the
    military spending was given in an actual monetary figure. What percentage
    does that figure represent? Are you trying to mislead people here? I think

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