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  • Dave Mayton

    Funny that they kept showing the TransAmerica building. I worked for that
    organization and they have MANY resident psychopaths.

  • unclest1nky

    It is generally acknowledged that our society is shaped like a pyramid. A
    few at the top create the environment for the rest at the bottom. Who are
    those people? Psychopaths!

  • cloudbuster77

    I’ve figured out an easy way to id gen x, gen y and millenial Repubs. When
    playing a multiplayer video game w/9 other people across the country (a so
    called MOBA video game), the players that rag at you the most for sucking
    and blame their deaths on you, even though statistically you are an
    experienced and excellent player, are probably the Repubs. These are your
    narcissists. A prominent quality in many Repubs I’ve observed. These gamer
    bullies inevitably are the ones that eschew strategy and fore thought. They
    are foolhardy and rush headlong into battles they are bound to lose. Often,
    you feel obligated to rush into battle to try and save their butt even
    though you know it ill advised and you’ll probably die, b/c you know if you
    don’t, they will chew you out royally for sucking b/c you didn’t join them
    in their stupid endeavor. Don’t take the bait. Don’t follow them into
    disaster. The best strategy to deal with them? Well, these are ignorant
    narcissists so you can’t reason with them. At the first indication you’ve
    got one on your hands, mute them so you can’t hear/see their bittching. Try
    and avoid them and group w/other teammates as much as possible b/c your
    time will just be wasted on them. These narcissistic players inevitably end
    the game with the worst score and often lose the game for the entire team.
    However, they don’t see it that way and will never take the blame for the
    loss. They will always blame it on someone or something else. I believe the
    worst, most dangerous quality a leader in politics, the workplace or on any
    team can have is narcissism. They often get their way b/c of their bluster
    and self confidence. People don’t want to oppose them b/c they figure the
    narcissist knows what they’re talking about b/c they act like they do, or
    they figure opposing them would just mean heated conflict that just isn’t
    worth it. Unfortunately, the narcissist will take the entire country,
    state, company, or team down with them. They will rarely take the blame
    though. Examples: Hitler, Walker, Scott Krug, Gov Brownback, Cheney, etc.

    • Charles Macgilchrist

      +cloudbuster77 It’s reckoned 1 in 50 in North America and 1 in 200 in the
      UK. But a rule of thumb is:

      1 in 10 are ‘mean’,
      half of those are dangerous (ASPD)
      half again are very dangerous (Sociopath)
      half again are psychopaths

  • Chad Lilly

    On a serious side … the internet allows low level psychopaths (4’s & 5’s)
    space to conduct themselves the way they wish they could in public, but
    won’t for fear of recourse.

    (See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TB0k7wBzXPY)

    These are the people writing racial slurs on bathroom walls, they’re people
    jabbing their jaws talking trash all night on a CB Radio, and in the
    morning they’ll open the door to the restaurant for you with a smile on
    their face. 

  • Ray ismyname

    Religious leaders, bankers, heads of state, “prince” Charles is most
    certainly one. Watching him in that interview when asked if he was in
    “love” with his wife, he said…”of course, what ever that means”, you
    could see that he really had absolutely NO clue what love was nor was he
    interested in finding out. To a one of these demons, love is a thunderous
    weakness, an unpredictable flaw. They can’t understand it because is a
    pure, its CARE its giving and NOT expecting a return, to them, everything
    is about getting SOMETHING, they are playing a game that NO one else is
    playing, they think at the end of this they’re are going to win. JESUS said
    of these demons, you will know them by their deeds. They’re not humans, no
    real connection to real love or understanding how to care for others, nor
    do they really care. They’ll play the game for a while but sooner or later,
    the REAL them comes out. Jim Jones was a classic example of one of these
    horrible monsters that played the game until he snapped. If you know what
    to look for, you can see these guys from a mile away.

    • drumstick74

      +Ray ismyname I know exacly what you mean. Most of us come across them
      without knowing it, but it gets easier with experience to spot one.
      Not only do they not know what real *Love* is, the real psychopaths don’t *have
      the capability* to have any true emotions. As they explain in this movie,
      that area of the brain is damaged beyond repair. The way they portrayed the
      psychopath in the motion graphics, with the stick man with amputated arms,
      is a clever metaphor for their ‘amputated emotional range’.
      I also agree that most of our current world leaders are, unfortunately,
      And we have a lot of them in military and the police.

  • Huzefa Saifee

    I really couldn’t understand. What is exactly the point? What concrete
    steps could one actually take? Overall, I really liked the documentary, and
    I’m sure that it would be useful for me someday. But wasn’t it a bit vague?

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